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Happy Birthday Eva Mendes! You're 36 Today, March 5!

Fri, March 5, 2010 8:00am EDT by 1 Comment


Get ready Eva, this year your relationships will take the forefront in your life.

Eva Mendes, although you typically like to keep your romantic relationships private, predicts that you’re love life will be out on display!

Happy birthday, Eva Mendes! As much as you play the sultan of sultriness, you’re quite Byzantine in your astrological personality, with a cluster of planets in the freethinking genius of Aquarius. As a Pisces Sun, you’re pinned to your emotions and impressions, but you retain the distinct ability to detach yourself from them in order to both see a situation with crystal clarity and take action without sentimentality. This is what sets you apart from more easy-flowing Pisceans and enables you to act as a veritable lightning rod for broadcasting messages that seem on the tip of the public’s tongue. This year, you’re destined to wrestle with — and eventually reconcile — your inner life with your public image as an actress and model. Romantic relationships are now on the front burner for you, evoking hidden sides that have always been part of your mysterious allure.

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