Would You Let Your Man Film 'A Passionate Love Scene' With Angelina Jolie?

Thu, March 4, 2010 10:28am EST by 9 Comments
Fame Pictures, Getty Images, Splashnews.com

Fame Pictures, Getty Images, Splashnews.com

Vanessa Paradis is saying “no way!” to Johnny & Angelina’s love scene in The Tourist!

With Angelina Jolie‘s history of hooking up with her taken co-stars, it’s no surprise that Vanessa Paradis doesn’t want her man, Johnny Depp, anywhere near the star!  Angelina and Johnny are currently filming The Tourist together in Venice, but according to The New York Post, Vanessa “ordered [Johnny]  to find another gig!”

Angelina co-starred with Billy Bob Thorton in Pushing Tin in 1999, when he was engaged to Laura Dern. By 2000, Angelina and Billy Bob were married in a quicky Las Vegas wedding.  And of course there was Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston — until he met Angelina on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

And now, even though Angelina and Brad are together, and even have six children together, Vanessa wants Johnny OUT of the The Tourist!

In the movie, Angelina plays an Interpol agent who seduces Johnny, a tourist, in order to find a former fling. But according to the Post report, when Vanessa found out that Johnny and Angelina were scheduled to “film a long and intense love scene,” she wanted him to quit the flick!

“But by all appearances, Depp has not been able to cut himself out of the shoot,” says the report. Johnny even agreed to leave the movie! “They’re talking about replacing him with Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio,” according to the Post.

Vanessa and Johnny have been together for 12 years, and they have two children together. So we don’t think Johnny would ever leave his lady … but then again, Angie’s powers of persuasion have proven to be pretty strong in the past!

What do you think? Would you let your man film a hot and heavy love scene with Angelina Jolie?

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Posted at 6:53 PM on June 29, 2010  

Brad Pitt was already getting a divorce before Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Some people are truly pathetic.

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Posted at 9:52 PM on March 16, 2010  

only if I could kick her ASS first.

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Posted at 1:36 PM on March 14, 2010  

I don’t believe any thing that the tabloid write they always want to keep gossip going. Its a movie for goodness sake and remember it take two to tangle so if any thing happens it is between two consenting adults. And that means the relationship between Johnny and his wife wasn’t strong enough and the same with Angie and Brad.. so you can’t blame Angie for every thing it take two!!!

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Posted at 5:08 PM on March 4, 2010  

this is so silly. I’ve gotta laught. don’t you people have anything to do but making roumers. you shuld give us some new pictures of set of the “the tourist”.

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Posted at 2:05 PM on March 4, 2010  

Didn’t Johnny Depp’s long-time girlfriend just recently say in a Hollywood interview that there isn’t a single thing she would change about Johnny?
If she stops him from doing this film, what about the upcoming films with other leading actresses, in romantic roles, such as Penelope Cruz in Pirates #4?
This is not saying she doesn’t have cause, but it seems like she should have figured this out when the movie was presented to Johnny. I’m sure this isn’t going to go down well with directors and producers in the business. Even Brad Pitt has been playing it cool.

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Posted at 1:44 PM on March 4, 2010  

Maybe Paradis is concerned because Depp always leaves her and his kids behind when he films movies. I’d be more concerned about that than his “acting” with a woman who is in town with her partner (a man she loves) and her SIX children. A woman incidentally who has never been involved with any co-worker DURING a film shoot.

Besides have you seen photos of Depp currently Fat, greasy long hair bad skin and you know he smells to high heavens since he chain smokes camel-dung French ciggies.

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ginger grant

Posted at 10:47 PM on March 4, 2010  

Depp is not fat-you must be.If you knew anything about Depp-which you don’t-you would know his family is never far from him. Depp doesn’t have greasy hair or bad skin-you fat ugly chain smoking baboon.

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Posted at 12:18 PM on March 4, 2010  

this story is so silly do you really think that Vanessa
“just” found out they were going to have a love scene together? They are grown ups!! The tabloids don’t know what to do because they can’t report that brad and Angie are breaking up this week, oh no what can we write about hmmmmmm.

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Posted at 11:24 AM on March 4, 2010  

This story is garbage. it is sad that this sort of trash is even printed.

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