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Spoiler Alert! Get Ready For Some Steamy Sex Scenes When ‘Gossip Girl’ Returns March 8!

Wed, March 3, 2010 4:30pm EDT by Add first Comment

Warning: don’t read ahead if you can’t handle hearing what’s about to happen to your favorite Upper East Siders!

FINALLY Gossip Girl is about to make its long-anticipated return March 8, and trust us, the show sounds juicier than ever! But what trouble, exactly, are Chuck, Blair, Serena, Nate and the gang about to get into? Read on, BFF’s!

“We’re turning up the heat on all your couples in the second half of the season. I think you will see some of [Chuck and Blair’s sex] scenes in a way that people will enjoy and appreciate,” Gossip Girl’s executive producer, Stephanie Savage, told E!

As for Dan [Penn Badgley] and Serena [Blake Lively] resurrecting their old romance, sorry friends – it’s not going to happen – this season, at least. “I think that the Dan and Serena love story was the spine of Season One and in a lot of ways the premise of the show grew out of that relationship,” Stephanie says. “They are definitely in each other’s stories this spring, especially when Serena’s dad comes back. Dan will have a big part in that story. And I think that’s a very powerful methodology and couple methodology that we would never want to turn our backs on completely.”

As for whether or not the show will ever address Chuck [Ed Westwick] and Jenny [Taylor Momsen] having done the deed (and by deed, we mean sexed each other up!), Stephanie says, “I want to leave [that rumor] alone. Like when people said Eric was Gossip Girl. Saying ‘What? Are you crazy? Eric’s not Gossip Girl!’ is somehow giving credence to it.”