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Well BFFs, Robert Pattinson Wants to Do A Naked Photo Shoot! Want to See That?

Mon, March 1, 2010 1:30pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 8 Comments

030110_robert_pattinson_shirtFrom his lips to God’s ears!  I nearly fell off my seat watching R- Patz on The Today Show this morning.

While having a friendly chat with Matt Lauer, the scruffy hunk let it drop that he actually offered to pose nude for Details magazine and that they TURNED HIM DOWN! “They said, forget it,” he laughed to Matt. And instead, admitted that his big cover and inside shoot  for the mag’s March issue evolved into a photo shoot with himself and a bevy of naked beauties who he claims left him speechless. “I had no idea what to say to these girls,” he told Details after the 12-hour shoot, which left him claiming that he was “allergic to vagina.”  Hmmm!

Anyway, I loved how Robert “dressed up” for the Today show occasion — uncombed mass of hair (not gelled down, thank God) , unshaven beard and, it looked like the same jacket and unbuttoned shirt that he wears in his new movie Remember Me, opening March 12th.  In the clip of the film itself, in which he plays a human sensitive teen, versus a sensitive vampire teen, it was clear that he didn’t have to change his wardrobe much from Twilight/ New Moon days. In another scene, he’s in in the same blue plaid shirt that both Edward and real-life Robert wear all the time.

And ladies, while he told Matt that he doesn’t love doing press — “If i didn’t have to do interviews, I wouldn’t,” he actually came off in an immensely good-natured way about dealing with his fame. “I do a bit of hiding,” he said, while admitting that there are positive aspects to fame, like helping get movies made, that should be made.

Thanks Rob, for rolling out of bed for us and Matt! Here, take a look at his interview!

Bonnie Fuller


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