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Robert Pattinson Is Nervous About His First Non-Twilight Film!

Mon, March 1, 2010 8:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Why be nervous, Rob? You’re still #1 in our book!

Will Rob Pattinson ever be able to break out of the Twilight zone? As long as the vampire romance continues to attract fans, there will never be a time where we don’t recognize that handsome face – and he knows it!

When sat down with Rob to talk about his new film Remember Me (out Mar. 12) he admitted that he’ll probably only ever to – sigh – star in a movie. “If I could do supporting roles in things, then I’d love to do that. But it’s difficult to get supporting roles because it would be really weird most of the time, ‘Well, there’s the guy from Twilight playing the parking warden,’” or something.” he says jokingly, adding, “But I would love to do that.”

Is playing the primary solo character is nerve-wracking to Rob, 23, then so is the idea of appearing in a non-Twilight related project! “The idea of doing something like that between the Twilight films is terrifying because you put yourself out way more on the line. I mean, I keep wanting to do ensemble pieces where all the other parts are great, and you can get really great actors in so you don’t have to bear the whole burden of the movie.”

Trust us, Rob, you’re one burden we definitely don’t mind bearing.

Do you think you’ll love Rob as much when he’s not playing a sexy vampire?

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