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Hey Prada, Our Readers Think It’s Great You Ditched Those Pin Thin Models For Victoria’s Secret Angels!

Sun, February 28, 2010 3:25pm EDT by 1 Comment


Our readers agree that Prada made the right choice to fire the skinny models!

Way to go Prada! readers agree that your creative director made a monumental decision to fire your pin thin models and hire the Victoria’s Secret Angels instead! Though the Angels may not exactly represent the average woman, they do have bodies most women could potentially achieve. With enough exercise and a proper diet, readers agree that we have the ability to “show off our curves” just like the Angels!

Here are what some of YOU had to say about the issue:

  1. Ruben: “Skinny models are very unnatural, and severly unhealthy. However, those Angel models are what catergorize as fitness models. They live healthy lifestlyles that incorporate; eating healthy foods in smaller frequent portions and exercise regularly.”
  2. Kyle: “Embrace it! Models do have an attainable body type. Looking good is not a by-product of super hero talents.”
  3. Cerealface: “It’s a step in the right direction. From emaciated (translucent) skin and bones to (some) muscle tone, a tan and breasts … teenage girls the world-round are no doubt celebrating at this very moment. Thank you Prada!”
  4. Tanya: “The victoria secrets models (at least the one in the article above) aren’t unrealistic bodies. They’re very healthy bodies, like you would expect to see in an athlete, or someone whose line of work is being fit and attractive.”
  5. Rinny: “Those Victoria’s Secret Angels’ bodies are completely obtainable- you just gotta work for it.”
  6. Laura: “I don’t think Victoria Secret models aren’t that unrealistic. Sure they’ve got boobs, so do many women, and sure they’re tan, but last time I checked too many girls all ready go tanning. This is what athletes can/do look like. VS models ARE beautiful. They have natural looking curves, something our culture needs to learn to embrace.”

Taking it back to 1992,we’re going to have to agree with Sir Mix-a-LotCosmo can’t tell us we’re fat anymore, because we just aren’t down with that! So girls, go ahead and “shake that healthy butt” because it’s the new hot!

Lindsey DiMattina