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Howard Stern Is Hosting A Beauty Pageant For Tiger's Many Mistresses!

Fri, February 26, 2010 4:29pm EDT by 1 Comment
Getty Images (2)

Getty Images (2)

Can you believe this, and do you think Howard is going too far when it comes to shockingly bad taste?

Tiger Woods has confessed that he’s publicly humiliated by having a plethora of extra-marital affairs, and we have news for the golf pro – your situation is about to become a whole lot worse before it becomes better. Why? Several of his alleged mistresses are getting on board with shock jock Howard Stern to take part in ‘The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant!’

The 46-year-old radio host is holding the contest on March. 10 and, thus far, four out of a possible fifteen mistresses have agreed to take part, reports the Times of London. They’ll be judged in ‘swimsuit’, ‘personality’ and ‘talent’ categories to earn the judges votes, and the winner will take home $100,000 (which should help with the legal fees they’ve incurred!) And guess who’s funding the prize? – a dating service for cheaters.


Howard reportedly came up with this brainchild following the 34-year-old golfer’s public apology on Feb. 19 because he thought Tiger’s repentance was BS. “[He] looked like he wanted to be anywhere on the planet but in that room. It didn’t seem like this was his idea, or anything he wanted to be a part of, ” Howard said on his radio show the same day.

Fair play to you, Howie. We didn’t believe it either!

Oh, and if you were wondering if the VJ needs judges, yeah – he kind of might. He’s already contacted Tiger’s long-suffering wife, Elin, but as of press time she hadn’t responded to the invite.

Can’t say we blame her.

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