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Jon Gosselin: Your Ex Hailey Glassman Says You Owe Her $200,000 — And We Know Why!

Thu, February 25, 2010 3:27pm EDT by Chloe Melas 22 Comments

Jon Gosselin borrowed a TON of cash from Hailey and she wants it back! PLUS, we think we know what he borrowed it for!

Jon Gosselin, your money troubles keep on piling up! First, you and Kate Gosselin get a divorce, then you get sued by TLC, and then your NYC apartment was ransacked! Now your ex girlfriend Hailey Glassman went on My Fox New York, and accused you of not repaying her the $200,000 she let you borrow. Well, Hailey won’t say what the money was for … but we have our own ideas about it!

Remember when a Pennsylvania judge ordered you, on Oct. 13, 2009, to return $180,000 to the joint bank account you shared with your ex-wife Kate Gosselin? To refresh your memory, Kate told the Today Show on Oct. 5 that you actually took $230,000 from the account and left her just $1,000 in the bank! (With eight children to take care of, mind you.)

So, did you have Hailey act as your little sugar mama and pony up the money to repay Kate? Well, no matter what you borrowed it for, Hailey wants it back!

She told you, via national television, that you have two options: “You can pay me back civilly through our lawyers, or I can take you to court and the judge can give you a court order to pay me back and then you can spend more money on your lawyer.” Harsh!

Jon, you really do live in the eye of the storm! We know you want to move on with your life and with your new lady Morgan Christie, so has a few suggestions as to how you can come with the cash!

Stop going on vacations, get your butt back on TV, and maybe even try to get a real job? —Chloe Melas

Click to watch the video of Hailey demanding her money!!

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