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Jordan Catalano and Angela Chase’s So-Called High School Reunion!

Wed, February 24, 2010 6:16pm EDT by 3 Comments

Fifteen years later Jordan has a Mohawk and Angela is married to someone else, but at least they’re still on speaking terms!

Can you believe it’s been fifteen years since Jared Leto, My So-Called Life’s troubled teen heartthrob Jordan Catalano, first batted his baby blues at Claire Danes’ awkwardly endearing protagonist Angela Chase? God, this makes us feel old!

We weren’t quite sure how Angela felt about Jordan as the series ended forever after just one season in 1995 (a travesty, a shame, a TV robbery!). He may have confessed his feelings, but the Crimson Glow-hued Angela – sensible girl – was torn between the man who thought he loved her (Jordan) and the one who really did (geek Brian Krakow). So what happened?

We may never know Jordan and Angela’s story, but we DO know that in real life, neither guy got the girl! Claire is married to Brit hunk Hugh Dancy, but that didn’t stop her from catching up with her former co-star at the Elle Fashion Awards in London Feb. 22.

Good thing you moved on, Claire/Angela – by the looks of that Mohawk, Jordan/Jared certainly hasn’t settled down or become any less of a bad boy!