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EXCLUSIVE! Get J. Lo’s Body With This Workout From Her Personal Trainer, Gunnar Peterson!

Wed, February 24, 2010 7:28pm EDT by 2 Comments

Want Jennifer Lopez’s sexy curves? Check out her 15-minute workout routine here at

If you’ve ever envied Jennifer Lopez’s big ol’ butt (and we mean that in a GOOD way!) well, now you can have it! Gunnar Peterson, the 40-year-old actresses’ personal fitness trainer, shared one of her sample routines with — and it isn’t as complex as we thought. Dare we say it? We may even be able to try it ourselves!

“I’m a big fan of a lot of different movements,” Gunnar told us at Under Armour‘s fashion launch in Los Angeles Feb. 20, adding, “[I do] big sequences back to back spliced with high intensity cardio stuff, which could be anything from a rower, to a stair climber, to a treadmill.”

When Gunnar says high intensity, he means it. Take a look at what you might do during one of his 60-minute sessions. Keep in mind, you’re not supposed to stop at all in between each exercise. (Impossible!)

–Dumbbell squat press (Use 5-10 pound weights. Repetitions vary on fitness level.)
–Turkish sit ups. (Use a kettle ball. Make sure the straight leg stays on the floor; do not let the foot rise off. Keep the arm straight up toward the ceiling and when in the sit up position, keep the arm close to your head with bicep close to ear. When returning to the floor do not let the arm drift back over your head. Do about 6-8 repetitions and change sides.)
–Beat ropes for 30 seconds
–Run on the treadmill at an incline set anywhere between 5-20 percent, and go for at least 30-90 seconds
–Regular crunches
–Do hip ridges on a stability ball (Demonstration here)
–More crunches, only this time pull the ball in with your heels, engaging your hamstrings.

Before you even have time to wring out your sweat rag, repeat the sequence.

Gunnar is the first to point out that you’ll never see results if you don’t follow a healthy diet and get to the gym on a regular basis. “One thing I hear about everybody is ‘I don’t have time to work out,'” he says. “But you DO have time to work out. You’re foolish not to make that time because when you’re working out, what you’re doing with that time serves everything else in your life.”

If anyone knows the best way to get a smokin’ bod, it’s Gunnar Peterson…after all, just look at the fab figures of his other celebrity clients!

Who’s celebrity body do YOU dream of having? How are you trying to achieve it?

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