HollyVote! Brangelina Baby Mystery Solved By Our BFFs!

Tue, February 23, 2010 4:47pm EST by Add first Comment


We are so grateful for you readers! Whenever there is a mystery that needs solving, you jump right in to help us figure it out.  For example, when we had trouble telling Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s identical children apart, you were there to help clarify!

And when NOBODY could agree on who the heck the baby in the photo above was — Knox, Shiloh, or a random imposter — you all weighed in.

And the majority of you think … the baby is Shiloh! The three-year-old has been looking more and more like a boy each day, but 39% of you say it is definitely little Shiloh in the photo!

And as read Village points out, “That’s Shiloh. She never goes anywhere without her blue ’silky’. Brad talked about it on Oprah. Shiloh may look like a boy and dress like a boy, but she’s got that satin blue square with her all the time.”

But Santo, like us, thought this was not Shiloh! “For those who think the 1st is Shiloh please note the hair. She has always had blonde hair. That kid’s hair is dark.”

So, finally we have all been scolded into submission, and will say that it is in fact Shiloh in the photo above. (Even though some of us still thinks it’s a boy cousin or secret Brangelina baby.)

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