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Image Expert On Tiger Woods' Public Address: 'What A Scripted, Lousy D-List Performance'

Fri, February 19, 2010 12:07pm EDT by 4 Comments


Leading image expert Michael Sands says Tiger came off as a phony during his apology and shouldn’t have spoken at all!

After more than 30 years in the public eye, it’s pretty impossible to believe Tiger Woods isn’t capable of reading off a teleprompter or speaking from the heart. One image expert says the golfer’s Feb. 19 public apology seemed so scripted he would have been better off not speaking at all!

“What a scripted, lousy D-list performance,” Los Angeles-based image expert Michael Sands told minutes after Tiger’s Friday morning address at the PGA headquarters in Florida. “This is not rehabilitation; this is a person who’s handlers want to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. It’s a joke.”

Although Tiger, 34, admitted his faults — he was selfish, didn’t respect his wife, hurt his family, the list is endless — Sands said he lacked the most important ingredient of all: heart.

“I’m not saying you have to explain word for word what’s going on, but he didn’t do it from the heart,” Sand explained. “If he had done it with talking points, he would have been better off. He had NO eye contact with this audience. He shouldn’t have used a script.”

An announcement this public and this revealing was clearly difficult for Tiger, so shouldn’t we give him a break? Sands doesn’t think so.

“He’s a professional golfer who KNOWS how to speak in front of audiences,” the expert pointed out. “If he was getting paid to talk, you would have seen another Tiger Woods. Bottom line: he didn’t pull it off.”

–Kirstin Benson

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