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Oscar Diet Countdown: Jessica Alba’s Celebrity Nutritionist Jackie Keller Tells You How To Slim Down In Three Weeks!

Mon, February 8, 2010 5:28pm EDT by 5 Comments

Want to know how celebs like Jessica Alba and Uma Thurman slim down for the Oscars? Their licensed wellness coach and nutrition expert Jackie Keller tells us!

It’s three weeks until Oscars and that means it’s time for the stars to start slimming down. We’ve got the scoop from NutriFit founder Jackie Keller on how her clients like Jessica Alba, Susan Sarandon and Uma Thurman fight the fat and how you can too! Check out how you should be eating this week to prepare!

Eat More Fruits!

  • “Increase your fruits to three servings a day. This will help you boost your immunity immediately. The last thing you need is to get sick three weeks before the Oscars. Note, there are NO unhealthy fruits. All of them offer significant nutritional benefits, but an emphasis on high fiber fruits with edible peels or edible seeds, like apples or pears, and seeded berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries) is helpful. But, I think it’s important to note that although some fruits are higher in sugar, they’re not unhealthy and shouldn’t be overruled at all.In the case of whole fruits, one medium is one serving. Cut up fresh fruit, 1 cup could be considered a serving.”

Eat More Veggies!

  • “Eat five servings a day. Highest fiber and nutritional value vegetables, such as broccoli and other members of the cruceriferous family, are great.
    Don’t rule out fat-rich avocados, but, they should be minimized to 1-2 servings/week (and the serving size of an avocado is 1/4 of a small one).
    For cooked vegetables, 1/2 cup is a serving. Raw or leafy vegetables – 1 cup is a serving. You can easily see that with vegetables it’s not difficult to get 5 servings per day at a minimum – 10 would be better.”

Get Rid Of Fake Food & Go For Fiber!

  • “Cut out all refined grains and highly processed foods like crackers, white breads and baked goods. They’re generally filled with empty calories and offer little nutritional benefit. In the form of food, aim for 20-25 grams per day of fiber. Fiber = fullness, a real aide in weight loss. Look for whole grains, legumes (beans, lentils, peas), vegetables and fruits. For breads, get sprouted wheat, whole wheat or seeded rye; for pasta 100% whole grain; for rice – wild rice or brown rice; for dessert try 1 ounce squares of dark chocolate (at least 60%) which contain healthful flavonoids and other compounds beneficial for your heart.”

Eat Often!

  • “Everyone, regardless of weight or health goal, should be eating every three hours. It’s better for digestion, metabolism and energy, to say nothing of mood and your body’s efficiency. Don’t try to starve yourself into weight loss. It doesn’t work. You have to eat to lose.”

Work Out!

  • “Strength training is fundamental to any successful weight loss/weight management program. Emphasize converting fat to muscle and you’ll fit into clothes better and essentially take up less space in the universe – you’ll look better, feel better and be stronger. Additionally, brisk walking (for women at least 4 miles/hour) or other cardio exercise daily for at least 20 minutes. 

Some critical things to remember:
    Don’t forsake strength training for endless cardio – it doesn’t work. You have to convert your body into a fat-burning machine, and that happens with strength training, not hours and hours of cardio. If you’re taking more than an hour to do your workout, it’s probably not efficient.”


  • “Don’t forget to start getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Insufficient sleep can affect weight loss efforts.”

Stay Hydrated!

  • “Drink at least 8 (8 oz) glasses of water daily. Water is critically important for metabolic processes, and dehydration affects your energy, mood, skin and demeanor.” – Marta Topran