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Pauly D! We Want to Set You Up with Fans!

Thu, February 4, 2010 2:12pm EDT by 2 Comments


A lot of our girlfriends want to date you, Pauly D, and we think there are some winners out there!

Pauly D, there are tons of Hollywood Life BFFs who want to be your Valentine — and you actually have a lot in common with them! Here are some of the ones who really stand out. Give us a call, Pauly, we’d love to play cupid for you!

  • Qpatel2 and Pauly have a lot in common! They both go to the gym, enjoy dancing, and can take care of themselves financially (she’s just like you, Mr. $10,000 an episode!):

    “Hello! My name is Quinee and I am 22 years old. I am independent and a sexy young woman. I go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week. I am a full time Pharmacy student. I am very outgoing, I love to dance, very fun, and I know how to have a good time! I can def take care of myself both physically and financially. I just need you Pauly D to be the icing on my cake!”

  • Pauly D and Alexandra S are both Italians! Also — she works at Armani Exchange, which we already know is one of Pauly D’s favorite stores because we saw him there!

    “I think Pauly D would be perfect with an Italian, Costa Rican and Nicaraguan woman like me =) Ive been playing Volleyball since the 3rd grade, im a full time student and athlete and actaully work at Armani Exchange in SF.. Pauly would you be my Valentine? =)”

  • Pauly, it seems that you like women who just want to have fun — so check out fluffy425, who likes to “enjoy other people’s company” and “have a great time”:

    “Hi my name is Jamie. I think it would be cool to be Pauly D’s valentine because i dont try to impress people. I am myself. I think if you can feel comfortable be yourself hold a conversation have fun and just enjoy eachothers company and have a great time would make an AWESOME valentines day for Pauly! So yeah PAULY D! It would be my pleasure to be your valentine. =)”

  • And if Pauly went out with Loquitaxx, he’d be able to hang out at the place he loves the best…the Jersey Shore:

    “I would LOVE to be his valentine – he is so hot and such a nice guy!!! I’m down-to-earth and fun, and i live at the jersey shore! it’s perfect <3”

We agree! Pauly, do you want to date one of these lovely ladies? Give us a call!

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