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Lindsay Lohan's Mess: Clutter … Or Something More Serious? What Do You Think?

Thu, February 4, 2010 4:49pm EDT by 5 Comments


The sight of Lindsay Lohan‘s “clutter room” in her Beverly Hills condo — filled up with boxes, shoes, clothes, and other disastrous messes — made us think of only one thing: Hoarders! (Watch Lindsay’s video here.) The popular A&E show helps people who are hoarders and who suffer from chronic disorganization begin to organize their lives.

So asked Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing, who is a certified professional organizer and featured on Hoarders, about what might be happening with Lindsay.

Geralin says “There is no way for me to say what is happening with Lindsay, since I have never spoken to her” but she was able to give us some insight into her patterns.

“Lindsay may be a collector of shoes and clothes, if her possessions are valued and organized. But Lindsay is saying that her mess is causing her distress … that the accumulation of possessions is stressful.” One sign of a hoarder, according to Geralin, is that “there is a lot of clutter covering a space.  If a space is rendered unusable and causes distress or disrupts living.”

Lindsay herself said to The Insider, “I try not to come in here, that’s how bad it is. It gives me anxiety being in here.  The clutter takes up a lot of space.”

According to Geralin, “The hoarder doesn’t know where to begin, and when they start, they cant decide what to go over.  Compulsive hoarding behavior is related to having emotional attachment to things Other times, the individual relieves the stress of having so much stuff by putting off cleaning up and organizing.”

So, what do you think? Is Lindsay Lohan a hoarder? Or does she just have a lot of stuff?