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Will All The Mysteries Of 'Lost' Finally Be Resolved In The Final Season? It Starts Tonight!

Tue, February 2, 2010 4:53pm EDT by Add first Comment


We have so many questions to be answered in so little time. The resolve of a “Lost” era is near!

Hey BFF’s and Lost fans! Today’s the day … Lost returns to ABC tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST for its final season! Can you believe it’s almost over? We still have so many questions that need to be answered —and we’ve been waiting over eight months! Since the Season Five finale aired on May 13, 2009, it’s been a long wait to find out if ALL the crazy mysteries will finally be solved!

Do you think the writers of the series, Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindoff, will keep their promise of “trying” to answer all of our questions in this final season, season 6? Here’s what makes us “Lost” about this show … and, we want to know, what leaves you lost too?

Here are the LOST Mysteries and Questions that we want answered:

  1. What happened after the H Bomb, Joghead, exploded?
  2. Does the detonation of Joghead change the future and/or past?
  3. Who will end up as the leader, Ben or John?
  4. Sayid was shot in the finale of Season 5. Is he going to be ok?
  5. How will each characters’ story resolve?
  6. What about the characters’ destinies brought them to the island?
  7. Will Kate pick Sawyer or Jack?
  8. How does Richard defy age?
  9. What’s Jack’s father’s role in the island?
  10. Who is Jacob?
  11. Does Jacob really control the fate of the island and all of the characters?
  12. Why does Hugo see dead people?
  13. Why were these specific individuals chosen and brought to the island?
  14. How do they keep track of the island’s location?
  15. What or who controls the black smoke?
  16. How is the island able to travel time?
  17. Is there a scientific explanation for how all of this happens? If so, what is it?
  18. How does a wheel move the island? What is the wheel connected to?
  19. How do the island’s magical powers work (healing, moving through space and time)?
  20. How are people able to come back from the dead?
  21. Why do the dead keep resurfacing on the island?
  22. Why is Peggy’s father, Charles Widmore, so invested in the island?
  23. Why do women who get pregnant on the island die?
  24. What happened to Claire?
  25. Why are there polar bears on the island?
  26. Is Claire’s baby evil?
  27. If John leaves the island will he lose his ability to walk?
  28. What happens to the new people on the island?
  29. Why if people time travel too much without a “constant,” do they die?
  30. Will Daniel Faraday, Charles Widmore’s son, come back to life?
  31. Why did Daniel’s mother send him back to the island when she knew he was going to die?

What do you want solved on this final season? Please share your thoughts and concerns below.

– Lindsey DiMattina