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EXCLUSIVE! Industry Pro On Jon Gosselin's Hollywood Career Chances: “He's the Punch Line To a Joke”

Tue, January 26, 2010 7:03pm EDT by 1 Comment

Sorry, Jon — if you want to be an actor, you’re only going to get parts playing parodies of yourself

Be wary (but don’t worry) Brad PittGosselin is out for your job. Word on the street is the octodad wants to break into the world of acting and has been “taking meetings” at the Sundance Film Festival with Hollywood bigwigs to discuss walk-on roles. If you’re secretly cracking up over the idea of seeing this reality star (we use the term loosely) on the big or small screen, you’re not the only one.

“Right now, Jon Gosselin is the punch line to a joke,” Los Angeles-based producer, writer and director Ric Reitz tells exclusively about Jon’s chances in Tinseltown.

“I’d stay hands off-the guy,” Ric adds. But why? (Beside the obvious, of course.)

“Number one, women hate him. If I need a character that women instantly need to hate, I would put him on the screen — but he’d have to take my pay rate (which wouldn’t be very high).”

Another problem with putting Jon, 32, in any sort of production? “He’s used to getting celebrity treatment,” Reitz explains. “When you’re a walk-on, you’re not treated like that.”

Hm — another celebrity famous for doing nothing but existing. Ditch the sense of entitlement and link up with the Kardashians, Jon. They’re famous for doing nothing too — but at least they’re up-front about it!

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