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EXCLUSIVE! Stephanie Pratt Only Wants One Thing Out Of Sundance — A Boy!

Sun, January 24, 2010 1:20pm EDT by Add first Comment

012410_stephaniepratt_sundance was in Park City, Utah, for Stephanie’s desperate chase — and her sloppy night of partying!

When Stephanie Pratt, 23, arrived at the Talent Resources gift suite in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 23, it wasn’t the swag that The Hills star was after — it was a man piece! “Stephanie went around to each booth and asked them if they had any guys in mind for her,” our insider tells us. “She didn’t specify a type, but she did say she wanted to meet a ‘nice boy’ at [The Sundance Film Festival].”

According to our source, while Stephanie picked out a necklace from the Rebecca jewelry collection, she even asked the vendor if he was single! “She was pretty determined.” Stephanie already made plans with this mystery man, picking up an AMC VIP movie pass and saying she was going to treat him to a movie. (Hey, Big Spender.)

Flash forward to late that night at the party at the Sky Lounge (same place as the suite). Stephanie was dancing with the most random looking guy ever — an ashy haired, late-20s-looking, tall bearded guy wearing washed out light colored jeans and a non-descript sweater. (Update! We now know his name was Jeff.) Stephanie of course was decked to the nines, so they looked like the weirdest couple. Jeff definitely wasn’t digging the situation as much as Stephanie was.

Stephanie kept kissing him and literally had to hold onto him or one of her other friends just from falling down. She started wandering around the party, dancing in a purposefully goofy way. The group made their way down to the ground floor where Stephanie plopped down at the front desk chair and proceeded to babble on about finding the next party. Jeff mentioned to his other female friend, as Steph was stumbling out of the building, “I’m sorry about all this.”

Stephanie demanded that she and her friends go to Tau across the street, shouting “Come on, friends!” She was walking hand in hand with a brunette guy, a friend of hers, thinking it was Jeff. She finally looked over and blurted out, “Who are you?” And when Jeff finally came back over to her, she tried to kiss him — but instead she head-butted him!

Oh, Stephanie — this just wasn’t your night.

Kirstin Benson