EXCLUSIVE! Kristen Stewart Liked Filming ‘The Runaways’ Because It Gave Her A Break From The ‘Twilight’ World!

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Is Kristen getting tired of the Twilight phenomenon?

Being involved in the Twilight saga is fun, but all those vampires, fans and piles of money can really start to take their toll on a girl. That’s why Kristen Stewart, 19, told HollywoodLife.com she liked filming The Runaways when we talked to her at the movie’s big Sundance premiere Jan. 24 in Park City, Utah. “It’s really nice to do something that’s not reconstituted,” she told us. “It’s nice to change it up.”

And “change it up” she did! Kristen said she had just three weeks to go from emotional black hole Bella Swan to mullet-sporting rocker Joan Jett. “She looks bad ass with her strut and her stance, but she really just stands for what she thinks is right,” Kristen told us of her character, and new personal mentor, Joan. “I can totally relate to that, so it was comfortable. You just have to not think about it.”

As for The Runaways’ target audience, Kristen told us anyone who believes in girl power will probably find something to relate to in the flick. “Anyone who has convictions like Joan will appreciate the movie,” she told us.

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