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Brittany Murphy: She Wasn't on Drugs, She Was “Afraid of Death”

Thu, January 21, 2010 11:22am EDT by Add first Comment

Brittany Murphy’s grief-stricken mom and husband appeared on Larry King Live last night to talk about her tragic death — and they didn’t seem entirely lucid.

The late Brittany Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, and mom, Sharon Murphy, appeared on Larry King Live Jan. 20, discussing Brittany’s tragic death, one month ago on Dec. 20, at age 32.

The pair discussed the details of her death, repeating their claim that the young actress died of natural causes, and that she did not do drugs or have an eating disorder. The autopsy performed just after her death was inconclusive, and the toxicology and tissue test results have not been released yet.

Losing a loved one suddenly, at such a young age, is a horrible tragedy, and we can’t imagine how terribly sad the two must feel. That said, they seemed distant, and their responses to King’s questions weren’t always 100% rational.

‘You want to know what broke Brittany Murphy’s heart? Hollywood broke Brittany Murphy’s heart,” Simon told King.

“You wake up in the morning and it’s like a rebirth. It’s… there’s not enough time to… your dreams, be they good or bad, when you wake up and I reach out to touch or hold my wife and she isn’t there.”’

They showed the camera crew around their house, the same Hollywood Hills house where Brittany died, and showed off some of the large, framed photographs of the late actress.

“I’m comforted by these photographs,” Simon said. “I’m comforted by the transformation from girl to woman that I witnessed.”

Um, is it just us, or does that sound a little bit creepy?

Ten different prescription drugs were found at the scene of her death, many of which have been linked to other celebrity deaths (here’s our list). Simon claimed that some of them were his, and that Brittany was “terrified of death” and wouldn’t even drink champagne on New Year’s Eve.

Our hearts go out to Simon and Sharon who are obviously still devastated over the loss of the young, incredibly talented actress. As Simon said, “I think the dust will settle, the truth will come out. I think people will come to realize the genius of Brittany Murphy and come to regret the way they treated her while she was alive.”

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