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OMG! Heidi Klum & Seal Are So Totally In Love!! She Swoons Over Him In 'In Style' Mag!

Wed, January 13, 2010 2:48pm EDT by 2 Comments

011310_heidi_klum_2images_w_text_02Supermodel Heidi Klum is so totally in love with her husband of almost five years, Seal! She flat-out gushes to In Style magazine about him, saying, “Seal still says beautiful things to me after all these years. I couldn’t be more excited when he comes home.”

And check out Heidi’s bod! Doesn’t she look amazing for JUST having little baby Lou four months ago! So, how does Heidi manage to keep her marriage in such good shape, when the track record for celebrity relationships is less than great?

“I don’t flirt. Even if you don’t actually touch someone or do anything to them, it’s disrespectful to your husband. I would never do that. I’m very devoted, and he’s the same,” tells the mag.

More on Heidi & how much she loves her hubby Seal!

“He [Seal] is warm and thoughtful. He’s probably softer than I am about certain things.”

“My husband is more the hermit, and I’m more the Jack Russell that runs around him and is like …’Let’s go! Come on! Let’s go to Disneyland! Let’s go to Seaworld! Let’s fly to Paris! And he’s, like, ‘Really? Let’s just stay home. It’s comfortable and, you know, football’s on!”

“At 65 I’d love to be on a boat with my husband, floating around, our kids visiting us with their friends, dropping anchor whenever we want. [On a boat] you feel so free: If you don’t like it somewhere, or you’re over it, you just pick up the anchor and go to the next place.”