Rachel Zoe's Hermes Birkin Splurge Sure Didn't Go Over Big With Her Hubby!


Does your guy “DIE” over your pricey purchases like Rachel Zoe’s hubby, Rodger?

Rachel Zoe is just as famous for spending as she is for styling — and the damage she does while shopping never goes over big with her hubby, Rodger Berman! While vacationing in St. Barths on Jan. 5, Rachel tweeted a photo of herself looking vaca-chic in a Hermes pareo sarong and carrying a Hermes shopping bag with the caption, “Uh oh :).” Leave it to the super-stylist to find a way to match her shopping bag to her outfit! We were thrilled when Rachel finally revealed her latest purchase a few hours later when she shared a photo of the bag with the caption, “Here u go! Color is called “Vert Veronese” DIE! Holy buyers remorse…sort of :) XoRZ.” Rachel, while you may have “died” over the gorgeous green shade, we’re guessing Rodge was “DYING” over the price tag, and judging by what you tweeted when you were asked what your hubby thought, it looks like we were right! ” Didn’t talk to me for 2 hours..then we kissed and made up o the beach :) xoRZRT.”

Aww, we’re so glad you kissed and made up Rach, but we hope you weren’t up to your usual fashion-fibbing–whether you’re trying to knock a few zeros off the price tag or you stow away an extra shopping bag of merchandise Rodge always seems to realize it! Rachel, don’t feel bad–we know a lot of women who are guilty of fashion-fibbing, but we think your New Year’s resolution should be to nix this bad habit!

— Katrina Mitzeliotis

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