Exclusive! Charlie Sheen's Ex, Heather Hunter, Tells HollywoodLife.com: 'I Never Saw That Crazy Side of Him'

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Were you shocked to hear Charlie allegedly abused his wife? So was one of the actor’s ex-girlfriends, who couldn’t imagine him harming a fly.

Charlie Sheen, 44, may have had a checkered past — alcoholism, nasty divorces and allegations of abusing former flings — but one ex, Heather Hunter, tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively that she’s baffled by latest news that he attacked wife Brooke Mueller, 32.

“He was a gentleman,” Heather, 40, a former adult film star, who met Charlie at a party in 1994 and briefly dated him, tells us. “I think with life, people see the good side and the bad side of certain people. I never saw the [bad side] of him. I guess it was a fortunate thing.”

She added, “It’s crazy because Charlie has had domestic problems and was violent, but I didn’t see that crazy side,” she says, describing the Two and a Half Men star as “really nice, concerned and compassionate.”

Her advice to Brooke: make sure you and Charlie both get help, because abuse is a harmful cycle if it isn’t stopped. “If someone hits you or hurts you in some way,” she says, “if they do it once they’ll do it again.”

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