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Hailey Glassman, A Friend Says You're 'Scared' Of Jon Gosselin! Is That True?

Sat, January 2, 2010 10:46am EDT by Add first Comment


She says Hailey’s afraid Jon will get physical with her again!

It’s yet another messy breakup for Jon Gosselin! Despite Jon meeting peacefully with ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman to discuss the harrassment suit she allegedly filed against him, a friend of Hailey’s says she’s not handling the situation well. “The situation has gotten totally out of hand and Hailey is now very scared of Jon Gosselin,” Hailey’s friend Mandy Sassano tells “She just wants him to leave her alone.”

“She told me that the attack story is true and that he pinned her to the wall of their apartment after he got into a jealous rage when she was photographed with [boxing promoter] Damon Feldman,” Mandy says.

Hailey has a new apartment in NYC now, but according to Mandy, she’s still worried that Jon won’t leave her alone. At this point, she says Hailey regrets ever getting involved with Jon, feeling that the relationship has brought her more misery than joy in her life.

“Jon appears very reserved and quiet,” Mandy says, “but he can be very devious and likes to use people and the way that he has been acting recently has been totally unstable.”

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