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Jon Gosselin to Hailey Glassman — You Cut Up My Favorite Gucci Sneakers? That's It! You're Going to Jail!

Mon, December 28, 2009 8:00am EDT by Add first Comment

122809_jon_gosselin_shoes_inset_INFphoto_1077064In the latest crazy salvo launched over the alleged weekend trashing of Jon Gosselin’s NYC apartment, Jon’s lawyer Mark Heller says that Hailey Glassman deserves to get thrown in the slammer after allegedly slicing up Jon’s fave sneakers, shattering a priceless vase. and stealing a plasma TV, among other possessions.

But Hailey Glassman‘s lawyer Anand Ahuja tells exclusively:”My client did not take anything out from that apartment that she was not entitled to take—Jon told her he would be evicted and told her to take whatever she could. But she was not there that night and yes she does have a good alibi.”

Nevertheless, Mark Heller has talked tough to , alleging that Hailey is the only person who could’ve “trashed” her ex-BF’s apartment this weekend, and that Hailey “is going to jail … It’s as simple as that.”

Hailey had moved out of the apartment last week for good, as learned, but Jon Gosselin discovered yesterday that his Manhattan bachelor pad had been ransacked, with a note “speared” to a dresser with a butcher knife calling him a “cheater,” and signed by a “Hailey Glassman.” As such, Hailey was fingered as a suspect by Jon, whose lawyer contends Hailey was the only other person who had a key to the Upper West Side apartment.

As it turns out, Jon is actually being evicted from the $5,000-per-month two-bedroom uptown apartment, according to Hailey, and that’s why she had to get the move-out done in such a hurry.

The NYPD have actually interrogated Hailey about the incident, and have even interviewed Hailey’s parents, according to reports. As far as we know, none of this has been filmed by a reality TV crew — YET.

Still, according to Hailey’s lawyer Ahuja, the whole mishigas could be “a huge publicity stunt … The police investigation is still ongoing and we are sure the investigation will reveal that someone is trying to frame Hailey.”

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