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Hollywood Outbreak! Bad Man Fever

Mon, December 28, 2009 4:41pm EDT by 2 Comments


There’s a new virus going around Hollywood. It’s not swine flu

And it only infects women. But it’s highly infectious! In the past 24 hours, it’s become officially clear that Sienna Miller and Bar Refaeli have fallen victim to it. Over Christmas, Charlie Sheen‘s wife, Brooke Mueller, was revealed as another sufferer.

So, what is this infection, that also happens to attack us regular women — sometimes tens of thousands of us at a time?

It’s Bad Man Fever! Symptoms include getting romantically involved with a man who’s a known womanizer or a man with a long history of disastrous relationships or with a long history of substance abuse issues, or ALL THREE!

In the cases of actress Sienna Miller and model Bar Rafaeli, the disease is especially acute. Sienna, 28, is currently canoodling on vacation in Barbados with her ex-fiance, Jude Law, who turns 37 tomorrow, and who infamously cheated on her with his nanny. Bar, 24, has just emerged vacationing again with on-again boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, 35, after being dumped… by the actor .. umm … umpteen times already.

Clearly, being beautiful, wealthy, young, and talented provides no immunity against Bad Man Fever, because both these women should and no doubt, do, have lovely men, who are NOT players, who would fall at their feet for a chance to date them. They could choose to give these men a chance, but they don’t.

So what makes them so susceptible to this sickness? “Major self-esteem issues,” explains Matt Titus, author of “Why Hasn’t He Called Yet?” But they “inherently don’t believe they deserve healthy, *drama-free relationships…and so end up in romantic situations that are destined to fail!”

Yeah, I’d say so. No shit Sherlock. Sienna and Bar — honestly, why do you think that your 37 and 35 year-old men, respectively, will suddenly change their behavior and want to stay in long -term, committed monogomous relationships, after flunking commitment-school for all these years?

Then there’s Brooke. Another woman, so blinded by Charlie’s fame and fortune…and I guess….winning personality, that she conveniently overlooked his two previous failed marriages, his out-of-wedlock daughter, WWIII-size custody battle with ex-wife Denise Richards, his two episodes in rehab and his past addiction to Heidi Fleiss hookers, and nevertheless plunged into marriage with him. Could it really have been a surprise to her that the two-year marriage has turned out to be anything BUT blissful!

So was low self-esteem the issue here too? Or, did Brooke fall in love with the fantasy of becoming the wife of a HUGE TV STAR versus the reality of marrying a womanizer with substance abuse and anger management issues.

In any case, it add’s up to the same Bad Man Fever!

Like I said, lots of us ordinary women succumb as well. But, there’s just one sure cure. Suck it up Sienna, Bar, Brooke, and all of you BFF’s out there in similar positions. You must inoculate yourselves against all the Jude, Leo and Charlies out there who have all kinds of superficial good looks, charm and even wealth . But who will endlessly break your hearts. Tell yourselves — you deserve better because YOU DO!

Then shun those Bad Men like they were smallpox and don’t get in another relationship until it’s with a man who worships the ground you walk on! It’s tough medicine but it will work!


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