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Brittany Murphy — So Young, So Sad, Such a Loss!

Mon, December 21, 2009 5:10pm EDT by Add first Comment
Rex USA, Getty Images

Rex USA, Getty Images

Brittany Murphy — so young, so sad, such a loss. And are we going to find out that you were possibly a second Karen Carpenter who also died at age 32 of cardiac arrest —after battling anorexia? Now I’m not saying that Brittany had an eating disorder, but your recent photos and videos — click to see one here — tell a tale of a painfully thin actress.

And being too skinny is medically proven to cause electrolyte imbalances, which can cause low potassium, which can cause cardiac arrest.

Now, you may have died of completely other and “natural” causes, but supposedly healthy 32-year-old women don’t usually drop dead suddenly. And it’s just so bizarre that your husband Simon doesn’t want an autopsy. You would think that he’d be the first person demanding to find out what terrible thing stole his beautiful bride away!

It certainly makes it seem like he has something to hide. And it does nothing to lay to rest speculation about an eating disorder, or a prescription drug overdose, felling poor Brittany.

Most people think Hollywood Celebrities lead “charmed” lives, but if you ask me, celebrities have the highest mortality rate of any profession. From River Phoenix to DJ AM to Heath Ledger to Anna Nicole Smith, and now to Brittany Murphy, there’s an epidemic of stars dying young.

Whether it’s the pressures of being in the public eye, having to look good for roles or the fear of the fleeting nature of staying on top in a highly competitive profession, the pressure can clearly be too much for sweet souls like Brittany. May she rest in peace!

–Bonnie Fuller