Elin's Twin Leaves Her Sister In Her Time of Need


How would you feel if your twin sister and bestie couldn’t be there for you during a massive life crisis?

Elin Nordegren has been put through the ringer. Her world-famous (and now infamous) hubby Tiger Woods allegedly cheated on her with hordes of women and now, to make matters worse, she’s going through it virtually alone. The 29-year-old’s twin sis, Josefin Lonnborg, has already left her sister’s side after less than two weeks of helping Elin weather her own personal storm.

Elin’s sis was spotted laughing and smiling with a co-worker in London on Dec 18, while her sister is bravely holding her head up high in Florida, trying to pick up the pieces of her broken life. According to an expert, that’s going to be pretty impossible to do without the person she’s closest to.

“Imagine if you had someone in your life who could understand you instantaneously. Your twin gets it. It validates you,” psychologist Dr. LeslieBeth Wish explains.

Even though Elin’s mother, Barbo Holmberg, is supporting her daughter in Florida, Dr. Wish says it’s not the same as having your sister there by your side. “There are things you’ll tell your sister that you won’t tell your mom,” Dr. Wish says.

Also, Barbo has health problems since arriving from Sweden, which isn’t exactly making life stress free for Elin.

Josefin’s trip to the States might have been brief, but Dr. Wish says it probably helped Elin’s emotional state infinitely. “At least she came here and left the ground work,” Dr. Wish tells us. “Twins are very good at keeping imagery in their mind about what their last in person encounter was like, especially with their sibling. This will keep the memory of her sister more alive for Elin and it will comfort her.”

Dr. Wish also said it was probably best Josephin went back home now, because it isn’t wise for Elin to depend on her twin completely during this time. “It helps both people to put limits on [contact], because it builds eternal self control,” she explained.

We still can’t imagine how hard this has been for Elin! Do you think Josefin should fly back to her twin’s side?

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