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What Do You Think About Tiger Woods' Decision To Quit Golf In Order To Save His Marriage?

Sat, December 12, 2009 2:14pm EDT by 1 Comment

120209_elintiger_80194765 readers sound off on the statement!

Tiger Woods shocked the world yesterday with the announcement that he will be leaving the game of golf indefinitely until his relationship with wife Elin Nordegren has been healed (click here for the full statement). This is just the latest in a series of surprises from Tiger, and we want to know what you think of his decision: is time off exactly what Tiger and Elin need to patch things up, or do you think this is just another empty promise from a serial cheater?

Readers Tranthum and cjque aren’t about to extend the olive branch to Tiger anytime soon:

“I think he should change his name to Tiger Woodie,” Tranthum writes. “The man’s a DOG and it’s not unusual for a celebrity of his status to stray.” And cjque believes that men like Tiger are the reason the United States has “truly become a sick third world nation.”

Meanwhile, reader timsvulcan takes a decidedly more forgiving approach:

“I believe it was Jesus who said. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Tiger is a sinner like all of us… ALL of us. He is doing the right thing. He needs the Father’s forgiveness and Our forgiveness. It is soooo wrong to tear him up on here. If we want this nation to thrive on the pricipals for which it was founded “In God We Trust” Then we must… MUST forgive as our father has forgiven us.”

So… forgive Tiger, heal the world? It’s a nice idea in theory. Now tell us what YOU think!

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