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Tiger Woods Was Learning How to “Get A Grip” Before His Crash!

Wed, December 2, 2009 6:24pm EDT by Add first Comment


Ok, so there is really nothing funny about the car crash that smashed Tiger Woods‘ Cadillac Escalade.  Or the windows that were busted out.  And of course, it’s lucky nobody was hurt.  But isn’t it just slightly amusing that Tiger was reading up on a book that talked about “Getting A Grip” … on physics, but you get the irony.

Get a Grip on Physics by John Gribbin, a beginner’s guide to the science, was found in Tiger’s car after the crash. A description of the book on Barnes & Noble’s Web site says, “In the beginning was chaos. But then everything got organized into elements. Then it was discovered that all these elements were made up of particles in patterns. After that someone decided that they weren’t so much particles as waves. But then someone else suggested that the waves were really strings. And now they think that the strings are quite chaotic… If the physicists can’t decide how things really are, what chance have the rest of us got? Fortunately, Get a Grip on Physics is here to guide you through the maze of theories, relative, general and otherwise, and bring you right up to date with the state of the universe.”

Maybe Tiger was confused, and he thought it would help him get a grip on his golf clubs … or maybe even his marriage?!