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Elin, Should You Even Try to Save Your Marriage To Tiger?

Wed, December 2, 2009 3:08pm EDT by Add first Comment
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Tiger is going to have to do a lot of groveling if he wants to keep Elin!

Mrs. Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren – may just be ready to pack it in and call it a day after realizing her husband may have slept with three – and maybe more – women.

Should Elin even bother trying to resurrect her broken marriage, or should she just move on?

“If I were her, the question I would ask is why I would to be in a relationship with someone who would constantly cheat on me, unless I’m money hungry and have zero self worth,” says relationship expert and radio host Cooper Lawrence, who adds, “If I were her, I would move on – she’s not some poor pathetic soul. She’s beautiful, educated, smart and desirable. She can move on and find someone who would respect that. She learned a lesson – to not choose a narcissist next time.”

But if Elin does want to fix her marriage, there IS hope, says the Tyra Banks Show’s relationship expert, Matt Titus.

“Tiger is going to have reo reinvigorate his marriage. He’s going to have to reestablish himself as a good partner and a good father,” says Matt, author of the relationship guide “Why Hasn’t He Called Yet?”

But how can he do that? “First off, any extracurricular travel that doesn’t have anything to do with a tournament has to cease,” he says. “Secondly, she’s going to have to forgive him.”

Come again?? “Their relationship has to be a blank canvas to survive,” he explains. “She has to forgive him or leave. She has to assume he’s never going to do it again because it’s been so damaging and traumatic to both of them.”

Why should Elin forgive Tiger when he was the one who cheated?

“There are no excuses, but he’s human,” says Matt. “And everyone deserves a second chance.”

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