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Exclusive: New Moon's Peter Facinelli: “I Almost Killed My Wife Jennie Garth!”

Fri, November 20, 2009 11:31am EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment
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Want to know why Peter almost did in his wife … with a knife?

Peter Facinelli was so completely exhausted when he was in New York working (on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, in which he stars), that when he got a knock on his door at 5 a.m. that went on and on for ten minutes, he was convinced that there was a psychotic killer trying to get in to murder him: “I was completely blitzed out of my mind … so I answered the door with a knife. My wife came to surprise me, and I almost killed her.” Peter said, “No one had been to my apartment since I’d been here working and I was convinced that my wife was in LA.” Luckily, Peter didn’t do any lunging when he opened the door, and his wife, 90210’s Jennie Garth, and their relationship, survived!

HL: I know you and your wife Jennie Garth spend time apart when you’re feeling what do you do to keep the magic alive when you’re so far away?

PF: We Skype a lot I sent my wife flowers a couple weeks ago she came to visit me surprised me. In New York well she came… It was actually pretty scary. I got a knock on my door at 5 am no one has been to my apartment at all since I’ve been here I’ve just been working all the time so I thought maybe it was some drunk guy that got the wrong door so I didn’t answer the door for like ten minutes so my wife picks up the phone and she goes she calls me and I go, ‘Hello?” and she goes, ‘Open the door,’ like she was trying to be quiet because she didn’t want the neighbors to hear but I thought it was some psychotic killer I had just gone to bed at 2am and it was 5am so I was completely blitzed out of my mind so I hung up and I was freaking out.

HL: You didn’t answer the door?

PF: I didn’t answer the door so she called back and she goes, ‘open the door,’ I was like, ‘I’m not opening the door,’ and hung up then she called back and was like, ‘It’s your wife open the door,’ and I was trying to… my brain was so asleep and I was trying to figure out how she got here because I thought I had just talked to her in LA. So I answered the door with a knife so my wife came to surprise me and I almost killed her.

HL: That’s what working on vampire movies too long will do to you.

PF: It’s New York you can never be too careful. I think it was a butter knife.

HL: Any special plans for Thanksgiving ?

PF: If it snows we are going to go to Vermont and if not we are going to be in New York it will be lovely no matter what.

HL: Do you cook?

PF: My mom cooks, so I’m actually going to my mom’s and I’m really excited, she’s a really good cook.  I haven’t had a home cooked meal being on the road all of the time.

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