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Bonnie's “New Moon” Review: **** Fans Will Go Crazy!

Thu, November 19, 2009 1:21pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 2 Comments

111909_newmoon_starredreview_544bIf you loved Twilight, you’ll Love, LOVE , LOVE New Moon!

If you’re an addict, you’ll get your fix. There’s plenty of Bella angst over Edward who leaves her in the lurch. Every woman who’s ever been truly, madly and crazily in love and then gets dumped by THE ONE man who’s supposed to be their true mate for life — will identify with Bella’s agony.

There’s more than enough of every inch of Jacob’s incredibly, beautifully buff body. And there’s enough buildup to the new cute bonding between Bella and Jacob.  Here’s my one complaint —there’s just not enough Edward. Not enough Edward in person real time in the film or in flashback. Not enough about the depth of the relationship between Bella and Edward before he disappears way too early in the the movie. Not enough to explain further why Bella’s the ONLY ONE woman for him in … like 100 YEARS. Robert Pattinson’s Twilight intensity mixed with good guy humor added life to the first film. As did all those real life torturous high school scenes, that every one of us could identify wit. In New Moon – it’s all vampire intensity, all the time.

Nevertheless, it’s a completely engrossing love story — a total take on Romeo and Juliet — Bella and Edward are even studying the Shakespeare tragedy in class. They are star-crossed lovers. The Vampires are Capulets, the Werewolves are Montagues, or vice versa. The rivalry between clans is just as deadly. Bella is as loyal as Juliet. Edward receives a deadly message and climatic scenes even end up being in Italy. And then there’s a love triangle thrown in and nobody’s a bad guy.

And yes, Twilight junkies will HAVE to see it over and over again. And yes, they’ll be on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next installment. I know I will be.

So now, I’m asking you two things: #1 – give me YOUR REVIEWS after you see New Moon, and #2 Send me your NEW Moon or vampire/werewolf questions. We’re rounding up experts as we speak to answer them all. Email me at! Can’t wait to hear from you!! —Bonnie