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Carrie Underwood — Now, You're Being a Big Biatch With Your “Apology” to Taylor! — Bonnie Says!

Wed, November 18, 2009 3:45pm EDT by 1 Comment


Have you ever had a friend TOTALLY rain on your parade?

Well, that’s what happened to Taylor Swift at the Country Music Awards last week. Taylor wins Entertainer of the Year and then Carrie cuts her off to point out what a great job she HERSELF did as the host of the show!

And now, Carrie is saying SHE’s the one that’s hurt by accusations that she was rude. Here’s what the clueless Carrie has to say: “That was really hurtful,” the subdued singer said during a recent conference call for her Christmas variety show, “Carrie Underwood: An All-Star Holiday Special.” “My brain would never operate that way at all.” So, Carrie, you’re turning your apology into a pity party for you. I know you don’t get it, and you are a lovely girl, but please, just do a straight apology to Taylor.

In Carrie’s defense, she does seem genuinely horrified that her fans would think she’s a mean girl.

“I have so much respect for every person in that room,” she said on her call. “I would never dream of doing anything like that!” she insists. “It was really hurtful to see such a great night and a great moment be turned into trash. It just made me sad. Stuff like that takes away anybody’s moment more than anything else because it’s turning somebody’s great moment into a tabloid headline. It’s just sad,” she concluded.

Don’t worry Carrie — we believe you. You’d never intentionally hurt one of your BFFs, would you?

Ok guys, do you believe her? Tell us now.

Here’s the video of Carrie’s diss —