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Cindy's Terrifying Nightmare — Could It Happen to You and Your Kids?

Sun, November 15, 2009 2:52pm EDT by 3 Comments

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Have you ever had a nanny nightmare like Cindy Crawford? — Bonnie’s Take!

I know I have. And while most of us haven’t had quite as an extreme situation as poor Cindy — the boyfriend of her nanny tried to extort her and her husband, Rande Gerber, for $100,000 over a photo of their 8 year old — we can all identify.

Cindy’s situation with her daughter, Kaia, “strikes terror into the hearts of all moms, especially working moms,” agrees Liz Zach, editor of  iVilliage family.

I mean, if smart, wealthy, well-connected Cindy, 40, can’t manage to hire the perfect Mary Poppins nanny, how can the rest of us be sure our nannies aren’t hiding a dangerous boyfriend, husband or ex, from us? After all, Cindy would have access to top nanny agencies that practically guarantee that they do background checks as impeccably as the FBI.

Despite this, Cindy and her husband, Rande, ended up with suspect, Edis Kayalar, repeatedly trying to shake them down.  I completely sympathize.  Years ago when my oldest son Noah, was 2, I used a supposedly well-regarded nanny agency who sent me one after another: 1) a young woman who neglected my son, stole my clothes and smashed up our car 2) a young woman who stole money and an iPod, then disappeared and then 3) an older woman who decided to discipline my already freaked out 2 year-old, for being overly energetic.

The situation was so bad, my husband quit his job and became our “manny”.

Cindy — hang in there.  Anyone out there — want to offer advice or support to Cindy? Add your comments below.

Bonnie Fuller