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March 11th, 2014

Toddler Has Adorable Argument With Mom For Cupcakes — Watch

Courtesy of YouTube

This super cute 3-year-old has quite the compelling argument as to why he should be allowed to eat cupcakes for dinner. Would you let him win? Watch right here!

Watch as this toddler argues with his mom after he tries to sneak a cupcake for dinner. He makes some valid points!
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March 7th, 2014

Sleeping Baby Wakes Up To Hilarious Dance Party In Backseat — Watch

Courtesy of YouTube

In this adorable new viral video, a sleeping baby gets woken up as two other kids start a dance party in the backseat of the car. Watch to see what happens!

This will make you smile — watch to see what happens when a baby is woken up by a backseat dance party!
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February 5th, 2014

Adorable Video Of 4-Year-Old Crying Over ‘Say Something’ Goes Viral

Courtesy Of YouTube

This is so adorable! In a new viral video, 4-year-old Jackson was so overcome with emotion by the song ‘Say Something’ by Great Big World and Christina Aguilera that he started to cry! His dad tried to comfort him, and caught the whole thing on camera.

“Say Something” is definitely a tear jerker! 4-year- old Jackson learned this when he hears the Great Big World song on the radio and got super emotional. Luckily for us, his dad filmed the whole adorable thing, which has now gone viral!
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November 15th, 2013

Jean-Claude Van Damme Does A Crazy Split In New Viral Video — Watch

Courtesy of YouTube

At 53, Jean-Claude has still got it! The new commercial for Volvo is designed to show the stable steering on Volvo trucks, but what’s got talking is the split that is done while the trucks separate!

The video was posted on Volvo’s YouTube channel on Nov. 13, and is already up to 10.6 million views — all because people really want to see yet another epic split from Jean-Claude Van Damme

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September 5th, 2013

JC Chasez’s ‘Girl Radical’ Episode 3: The Girls Focus On The Music


If anyone understands the impact of pop music, it’s former ‘NSYNC member-turned-solo artist JC Chasez! Just watch his new creation, the all-girl band Girl Radical, blossom from an idea to an actual entity on his new web series for proof that he knows exactly what he’s doing. has an EXCLUSIVE first look at the latest episode of the ‘Girl Radical’ web series!

JC Chasez and producer/songwriter Jimmy Harry teamed up with 11 amazing vocalists from different backgrounds to assemble the pop powerhouse Girl Radical. Now you can watch Girl Radical’s amazing journey in a series of web episodes documenting all their ups and downs as they try to take over the pop world. Be sure to check out the EXCLUSIVE first look of episode 3 of the web series after the jump!
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July 22nd, 2013

Kate Middleton In Labor: Live Stream Video From Outside The Hospital

SplashNews, FameFlynet

The wait is almost over! Devoted royal watchers have been camped outside St. Mary’s Hospital for two weeks in anticipation for the birth of the royal baby. At any moment, Prince William and Kate Middleton will introduce their baby to the world. Keep reading and watch the live stream video!

Prince William rushed Kate Middleton to St. Mary’s Hospital shortly before 6 A.M. BST on July 22. Following the royal baby’s birth, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will allegedly reveal their baby on the steps of the hospital.
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July 8th, 2013

Justin Bieber To Have Sexy Starring Role In ‘The Fast & The Furious 7’?

Justin Bieber’s Ferrari can be spotted burning up the streets near his swanky Calabasas neighborhood, but could the Biebs be taking his skills to the big screen for ‘Fast And Furious 7’? 

Justin Bieber, 19, is no stranger to fast cars and sexy girls. The singer even showed off his skills behind the wheel in his amazing music video for Boyfriend. Now, the Biebs has been featured in‘s EXCLUSIVE trailer for Fast & Furious 7! Watch and tell us what you think!
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April 19th, 2013

Boston Bombing Shootout — Watch The Terrifying Video

Courtesy of CNN

After the explosions at the Boston Marathon on April 15, the neighboring city of Watertown came under fire in a deadly overnight shootout involving the bombing suspects on April 19.

The two main suspects in the Boston  Marathon bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, engaged in a shootout with Watertown, Massachusetts police late Thursday night and early Friday morning. The incident resulted in Tamerlan’s death and the death of a MIT police officer. Residents in the area were awoken by the gunshots and captured the shooting on video.
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April 3rd, 2013

Kevin Ware Speaks For The First Time Since Horrific Leg Injury

Courtesy MSNBC

Speaking for the first time since breaking his leg in a horrific basketball injury, Kevin revealed how proud he is of his teammates, his shock when his bone popped out, and how he is handling his newfound fame.

Kevin Ware became an overnight sensation when he broke his tibia during the March 31 basketball game between Duke and his own team, Louisville. Kevin, 20, opened up on April 3 in a TV interview with MSNBC, where he revealed that he went into “automatic shock” when he saw his bone sticking out, how he has become a “role model” and how he is “very, very, very, proud” of his team. Read on for the full interview. Click here to read more

April 3rd, 2013

Kevin Ware Traveling To Atlanta For Final Four After Leg Injury

Courtesy Twitter

So cool! Kevin became famous when his tibia broke through his skin during the Louisville vs. Duke March Madness game on March 31, and now on April 3 he is traveling to Atlanta to see his team mates play in the Final Four.

Kevin Ware is officially the coolest sports player ever! After he suffered the most horrific fall that caused his tibia to break at the Duke versus Louisville game, Kevin, 20 has made a miraculous recovery following his emergency surgery. In fact, he feels so well that not only is he already walking, he is planning on traveling from Indianapolis to Atlanta to see his team mates play in the Final Four. Good for you Kevin!
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April 2nd, 2013

Kevin Ware’s Injury X-Ray — What It Looks Like

Courtesy of Twitter

Kevin’s tibia broke through his skin during the Louisville vs. Duke March Madness game on March 31, and now CNN’s Dr. Sanja Gupta reveals how it happened.

Kevin Ware‘s injury looked absolutely horrific, but luckily he underwent a two-hour surgery immediately following the March 31 accident on the basketball court. Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke about the injury on CNN and said what he thinks caused his tibia to break. Click here to read more

April 2nd, 2013

Shain Gandee Found Dead In Driver’s Seat Of Car That Killed Three

Courtesy of Facebook

As more and more details emerge following Shain’s tragic death, the Kanawha Sheriff’s office have confirmed that Shain was sitting in the driver’s seat of his Broncho truck when he was found dead.

More details have emerged regarding Shain Gandee‘s sad death on April 1. The Buckwild star, 21, was found dead in the driver’s seat of his 1984 Ford Broncho truck, and so Shain has been identified by the police as the driver in the accident that killed Shain, his uncle David Gandee, and a friend. So sad.
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