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September 9th, 2014

Kim Kardashian Babysat Kourtney’s 2 Young Kids To Prepare For Next Baby

Courtesy of ABC/Instagram

Is she ready to add a new baby to the family? Kim Kardashian is already practicing for multiple children, and she’s using Kourtney Kardashian’s kids, Mason and Penelope, to do so!

Kim Kardashian, 33, is already talking about having her next baby. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the television personality and mother-of-one revealed that she has been practicing handling more than one child at a time with the help of her niece and nephew, Mason, 4, and Penelope Disick, 1.
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September 8th, 2014

‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer: Rick Believes Carl’s Life Is In Grave Danger

Courtesy of AMC

Oh no. Add another ‘The Walking Dead’ cast member to the watch list because the latest trailer reveals that Rick Grimes thinks his son, Carl, could be in a life-or-death situation. Click inside to WATCH!

Are you ready for the return of The Walking Dead? A brand-new trailer teases the upcoming fifth season, and everyone — including Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) — seems to be in imminent danger. However, new footage reveals that Rick is concerned about one person and one person only — Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).
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September 5th, 2014

Deaf Baby Hears Parents Voices For The First Time In Touching Video

Courtesy of YouTube

If you are in need a smile today, look no further than this adorable video of a 7-week-old baby boy hearing his parents voices for the very first time. Click inside to WATCH this special moment!

Lachlan Lever, 7 weeks old, was suffering from hearing loss in both ears when his parents decided to get him aids. Although he was not happy when the doctor put the aids into his tiny little ears, his reaction to hearing his parents voices for the very first time is enough to bring a tear to anyones eyes!
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September 3rd, 2014

‘Teen Mom 2’ Clip: Jenelle Gets Good News From Her Lawyer About Divorce

Courtesy of MTV

Did it work? Is Jenelle Evans finally divorced from Courtland Rogers for good? In this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Teen Mom 2’s latest episode, Jenelle visits with a lawyer who delivers some very good news to the expectant mom. Click inside to WATCH!

Jenelle Evans, 22, has been waiting for over a year to finally divorce her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. Once she was allowed to file, she had to wait a total of 30 days before finding out whether or not a court would grant her the divorce. Thankfully, during a meeting with her divorce lawyer, she receives some very exciting news. Congrats, Jenelle!
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August 29th, 2014

Jennifer Aniston: Did She Drink Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife’s Breast Milk? — Watch

Courtesy of ABC

Say what? Yes, it’s true — Jennifer Aniston willfully drank some of Jimmy Kimmel’s wife’s breast milk after she gave birth! The actress revealed this shocking news during her interview with Jimmy, claiming it tasted ‘sweet.’

Jennifer Aniston, 45, is not afraid to taste another woman’s breast milk! During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night talk show, she revealed that she once tasted his wife, Molly McNearney‘s, breast milk. Click inside to WATCH Jen talk all about how Molly’s milk tastes!
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August 27th, 2014

‘Teen Mom 2′ Preview: Chelsea Threatens To Keep Aubree From Adam’s Family

Courtesy of MTV/Instagram

Uh oh. Guess who is in trouble again? In an EXCLUSIVE clip for, ‘Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea reveals that Aubree’s father, Adam, has been arrested again — and this time their custody agreement may suffer.

Chelsea Houska, 22, is so over dealing with her ex Adam Lind‘s legal woes. After he is arrested for driving without a license yet again, will she finally be able to keep their little girl, Aubree Lind, 4, from troublesome Adam and his family?
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August 20th, 2014

‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Slams Corey For Refusing To Accept Ali’s Condition

Courtesy of YouTube

Uh oh. Is Ali’s dad, Corey, still in denial about her muscular dystrophy? In an EXCLUSIVE clip from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Leah and her husband, Jeremy, complain about Corey’s hesitation in helping Ali get her wheelchair from his insurance.

Leah Messer, 22, is constantly struggling to keep it together as she handles three very small children, including her daughter Ali Simms, 4, who suffers from a very rare form of muscular dystrophy. Without the help of Ali’s dad, Corey Simms, 24, will their little girl ever get the wheelchair she so desperately needs?
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August 19th, 2014

Zoe Saldana Finally Addresses Pregnancy For Ice Bucket Challenge

Courtesy of YouTube

FINALLY! After being nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Zoe Saldana openly acknowledged her pregnancy. Click inside to see the video we’ve all been waiting for!

Zoe Saldana, 36, has done the unthinkable — she confirmed the fact that she was pregnant. Okay, technically we already knew that — but the actress finally addressed her pregnancy in a video alongside her husband, Marco Perego, who took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Zoe’s behalf.
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August 19th, 2014

Jessa Duggar Flaunts Engagement Ring From Ben Seewald — First Pic

Courtesy of Instagram

Here it is! Our very first look at Jessa Duggar’s engagement ring from her fiance, Ben Seewald. The ’19 Kids & Counting’ star revealed the first photo just before posing for engagement photos. Cute!

Jessa Duggar, 21, is ready to be a blushing bride in white. Shortly after Ben Seewald, 19, popped the question, Jessa shared the first photo of her engagement ring and revealed that she and her fiance were posing for their first-ever engagement photos.
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August 5th, 2014

Katy Perry’s Song Cheers Up Crying Baby Instantly — Watch Video

Courtesy of Youtube

Who knew? Apparently the cure to a crying baby is, believe it or not, Katy Perry! Click inside to WATCH as this adorable baby girl goes from fussy to excited in a matter of second when her favorite Katy song comes on.

Katy Perry, 29, may not have any kids just yet, but this video could be proof that she will be fantastic at soothing her own children one day. In a super cute viral video, one little girl becomes absolutely delighted when “Dark Horse” comes on the radio, leaving her with nothing left to do but dance!
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August 5th, 2014

Kim Kardashian & Jimmy Kimmel Compete In Diaper-Changing Contest — Watch

Courtesy of ABC

Kim Kardashian appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on August 4 and competed against Jimmy in a diaper-changing contest! Check out the video — you know you want to know whether she wins (or loses).

Kim Kardashian, 33, may seem like she’s in a different country every week, but she’s still a mom, first and foremost, to baby North West! On the August 4 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she showed off her diaper-changing skills in a competition with Jimmy Kimmel, 46, who also has a newborn daughter in baby Jane. Place your bets and watch Kim and Jimmy (Kimmy?) race against the clock!
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August 4th, 2014

Taylor Swift Serenades Little Boy, 7, With Cancer During Surprise Visit

Courtesy of Facebook

This is just too cute. Taylor Swift recently surprised one of her biggest fans, a 7-year-old boy suffering from cancer, with a visit and an acoustic serenade of her hit song, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’ Click inside to WATCH!

Taylor Swift, 24, sure knows how to make her fans smile. One little boy, Jordan Lee Nickerton, 7, was beaming with excitement when Taylor surprised him in his hospital room and spent hours playing with him. Not only did Taylor play a few games of air hockey with Jordan, she also brought along her guitar for an impromptu performance — much to Jordan’s delight.
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