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June 29th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers: Jeff Davis Reveals Season 5A Is All A Flashback

Image Courtesy of MTV

Was anyone else freaking lost in the first six minutes that MTV released of ‘Teen Wolf?’ Not to worry, spoke exclusively to EP Jeff Davis to find out what was going on — and what else is coming this season.

Since we’re getting a two-night premiere of Teen Wolf beginning on June 29, we can only imagine that there’s a lot of action coming. In fact, we saw Lydia (Holland Roden) turn on her completely bad-ass side in the first few minutes, but where did that come from? Executive Producer Jeff Davis shared a few secrets, including info about that time jump we’ll be seeing in 5A.
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June 23rd, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers: Cody Christian’s Character Creates ‘Tiff’ Between Scott & Stiles

Image Courtesy of MTV

The new guy’s bringing the drama. It’s senior year for the kids of ‘Teen Wolf,’ so when (a hot, shirtless) fresh meat gets thrown into the mix, Scott and Stiles have different opinions — and secrets will cause a tad bit of tension in the pact.

You saw a half-naked Cody Christian in the trailer for season five of Teen Wolf, and now we can give you a little clue in what role Cody will take on. Who is “Theo” — and what is he doing in town? Luckily, the cast of the show gave a bit of a sneak peek on what to expect, and how his character may not be all he’s cracked up to be.
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June 15th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Premiere — First 6 Minutes Released


The best cure for Monday blues? An early look at the season 5 premiere of ‘Teen Wolf,’ of course! MTV blessed us with the first six minutes of the next installment of our favorite paranormal series on June 15. So obvi, we’re giving major thanks to the TV gods!

Can’t wait until June 29 for the fifth season premiere of Teen Wolf? Well, now you don’t have to! Yep, you can catch Tyler Posey, 23, and the rest of the gang make their next moves as Beacon Hills High School seniors in a (super!) extended preview released by MTV. Set in the future, big surprises are up ahead — including a rather epic return from superbae, Max Carver, 26. Check it out!
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June 10th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ On DVD: Bestiary Book Sneak Peek Part 3

image courtesy of MTV

With ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 officially available on DVD, we’re giving you one more EXCLUSIVE look at the limited edition Bestiary book which comes with every purchase! Check it out!

We’ve already given you a few sneak peeks at the totally amazing Bestiary book which comes with the season 4 Teen Wolf DVD set. Now, in today’s final EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the awesome item, we’re giving you one more look at a page from the book, this one featuring the terrifying Werejaguars. Additionally, we’ve got another video commentary featuring some of the cast! Check it all out!
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June 9th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ On DVD: Bestiary Book Sneak Peak Part 2

image courtesy of MTV

The fourth season of ‘Teen Wolf’ is  now officially available on DVD, which means so too is the limited edition Bestiary book which will come with every purchase. We’ve got another EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the super cool collector’s item just for you!

We’ve already shown you a sneak peek of the Wendigos page of the Teen Wolf Bestiary book, which will come with every purchase of the fourth season on DVD. Now, in honor of the June 9 DVD release, we’ve got yet another EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the awesome book– this one at the Berserkers page. Plus, we’ve also got another behind the scenes video with star Shelley Hennig, and many others chatting all about the horrifying Berserkers! Check out all the goodies right now!
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June 8th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ On DVD: Special Edition Bestiary Book Sneak Peek

image courtesy of MTV

This is awesome. In honor of the season four release of ‘Teen Wolf’ on DVD, a limited edition Bestiary book featuring each creature from the first four seasons is being released– and we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at one of the pages right here!

The fourth season of Teen Wolf will at last be released on DVD on June 9– but the good news does not stop there! To celebrate the sci-fi hit, a very special Bestiary book will also be released. Featuring illustrations by artist Swann Smith, the book was originally only available to those at 2014’s Comic Con, but now, all of us obsessed fans can get our hands on a copy! Check out an EXCLUSIVE look at one of the book’s pages right now, as well as special interviews with some of the cast and creative team!
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May 21st, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Trailer: Will Malia Cheat On Stiles? — Watch

image courtesy of MTV

This is not a drill: A brand new, full length trailer for the new season of ‘Teen Wolf’ has just dropped and it’s even more insane than we were prepared for (and we were prepared for a lot).

The fifth season of Teen Wolf officially kicks off with a massive two-episode event on June 29 and June 30 on MTV. Luckily though, we don’t have to wait until then to finally get a real taste (apologies for that poor word choice) of the bonkers new season. Some major changes are afoot as Scott (Tyler Posey) and his friends enter senior year and, judging by this sneak peek, some people are seriously acting out– yeah, we’re looking at you Malia (Shelley Hennig). Check out the full trailer right now, and get ready for your first glimpse of Pretty Little Liars star Cody Christian making his Teen Wolf debut!
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May 15th, 2015

Colton Haynes: Did He Quit ‘Arrow’ To Return To ‘Teen Wolf’?

image courtesy of MTV

Sadly, Colton Haynes has officially exited ‘Arrow’ for the foreseeable future. But, as they say, timing is everything and with Colton’s schedule now open, could that mean a return to ‘Teen Wolf’?

Is Colton Haynes doing some TV show hopping? It sure seems that way! On the Apr. 15 episode of Arrow, fans were devastated when Colton’s character, Roy, faked his death then fled town. Colton’s exit was made all the more heartbreaking for fans, as it surely brought back memories of his character Jackson leaving for London on Teen Wolf and, subsequently, leaving the show. However, when one door closes another one opens and now, it’s possible that when Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 29, Colton could be a part of it!
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April 22nd, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’: Tyler Posey Previews ‘Creepy’ New Supernatural Characters — Watch

image courtesy of

We’re getting some creepy new characters on ‘Teen Wolf!’ Star Tyler Posey revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY that the upcoming season will boast quite a few new faces– and they won’t all be good guys!

Tyler Posey is spilling some major Teen Wolf scoop! At MTV’s upfront event, the hunky star revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY that on the new season, which premieres on MTV on June 29, a crop of new cast members will be making a splash. Specifically, Tyler revealed that there’s going to be several new villains– and they’re nothing like we’ve ever seen before!
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April 12th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf': First Trailer For Season 5 Is Seriously Scary — Watch

Image Courtesy of MTV

All your favorites are back for what looks like the darkest. season. ever. The ‘Teen Wolf’ trailer was set to premiere at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, but it actually came out early — and you’re going to love it.

All our favorites are back and look really, really worried. The season five trailer of Teen Wolf premiered on April 12 and we are so excited to see Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Kira (Arden Cho) back at it — but seriously, this is actually scary.
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April 8th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf': Dylan O’Brien Hopes Stiles & Malia Will Be New ‘Ross & Rachel’

Image Courtesy of MTV/NBC

Just because ‘Teen Wolf’ is a dark and pretty messy drama, that doesn’t mean all the relationships have to be . . . right? Because it sounds like Stiles and Malia may just get a happy ending through it all — at least that’s what Dylan O’Brien hopes for!

Teen Wolf may not return for season five until June, but we’re already daydreaming about what to expect. Luckily, spoke exclusively to Dylan O’Brien about what he’s hoping happens next season between Stiles and Malia (Shelley Hennig) — and she even chimed in with a little romantic teaser of her own!
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March 17th, 2015

‘Teen Wolf': Tyler Posey Teases Hot Sex Scenes Between Scott & Kira

Image Courtesy of MTV

Skira fans, get ready for this! While Allison and Scott had a very ‘innocent’ romance, his new relationship with Kira will be much more sexy when ‘Teen Wolf’ returns for season five — and Tyler Posey shared the dirt with!

The cast of Teen Wolf may have only filmed the first three episodes and it’s already seriously heating up! Tyler Posey previewed what’s to come for Skira while at PaleyFest in Los Angeles on March 11 — and trust me, this season is going to be hot, h o t, H O T!
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