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March 21st, 2016

Harry Styles Starting A New Boy Band With Odell Beckham Jr. — Amazing Pic

Courtesy of Instagram

OMG, is this new proof that Harry Styles is leaving One Direction for good!? The singer hung out with some high profile athletes, including Odell Beckham Jr., over the weekend, and boxer Mike Lee posted a photo revealing that the group was trying to start a brand new boy band. Wait, WHAT?!

Should Liam Payne, 22, Louis Tomlinson, 24, and Niall Horan, 22, be worried about this? With One Direction on hiatus, Harry Styles, 22, has been all over the place having a good time, most recently in Los Angeles with New York Giants’ star Odell Beckham Jr! But a pic of the guys from their wild night out has Directioners a little worried about Harry’s future in his band…
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March 19th, 2016

Harry Styles Furious Over Leaked PDA Photos Of Him & Kendall Jenner


Harry Styles is fuming his mom Anne Styles was the target of hackers, who managed to break into her iCloud and leak intimate photos of him and Kendall Jenner on holiday in St. Barts, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Click for the full details!

Fans of Harry Styles, 22, are up-in-arms over the fact that private photos of the One Direction singer sharing intimate moments with Kendall Jenner during their St. Barts trip back in December have surfaced online. Now, can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that while Harry isn’t affected personally, he’s pissed that his mom was the target of the mean-spirited hackers who leaked the images from her iCloud!
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March 19th, 2016

Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner: Fans Furious With Hacker Over Leaked Photos


Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s fans called out the hacker who leaked their intimate vacation pics, furious that she’d violate their privacy that way! Click through to see their enraged tweets!

Fans couldn’t believe it when Anne Cox‘s iCloud account was hacked, leaking photos from her son, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner‘s private St. Barts vacation! While thrilled that they got a peek at Harry’s life behind the scenes, they were outraged that the hacker, @haarrystyles, would breach their privacy that way! They took to Twitter to call out the hacker, and express their condolences to Harry and Kendall. Click through to see their tweets!
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March 19th, 2016

Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner: Photos From Private Vacation Leaked Online


A diehard Harry Styles stan hacked into his mother, Anne Cox’s iCloud account and leaked highly personal photos of his intimate vacation with Kendall Jenner! Read on for the shocking details of this invasion!

Anne Cox had her iCloud account attacked on March 19 by Twitter user @haarrystyles, resulting in a ton leaked photos revealed of her son, Harry Styles, on vacation in St. Barts with Kendall Jenner, 20! Though @haarrystyles Twitter account was immediately suspended, she was back at it again with under a new name, @leoslut, and unleashed even more private photos!
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March 17th, 2016

Harry Styles Warns Fifth Harmony: People Will ‘Break You Apart’ — Still Bitter About Zayn?

REX/Shutterstock, Getty

Harry Styles may have revealed to Fifth Harmony that he’s still bitter about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction! The 5H girls dished on the advice Harry gave them about splitting up, and it certainly sounds like a dig at his former bandmate. See what he told them right here!

Is Harry Styles still feeling the burn of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction? The 22-year-old singer gave the Fifth Harmony girls a warning that people will try to “break them apart” throughout their time as a band, hinting that he may still have some lingering bitterness about Zayn. As the one-year anniversary of Zayn’s departure comes up, it’s an awfully coincidental time for Harry to be telling 5H something like that!
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March 16th, 2016

Taylor Swift Refuses To Invite Kendall Jenner To Her Wedding — Out Of The Squad?


You can’t sit with us! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are reportedly ready to tie the knot this summer, but Kendall Jenner is NOT invited to the celebration. Here’s why!

Taylor Swift, 26, and Calvin Harris, 32, may be planning a $2 million wedding, and the guest list is naturally that of the “A” variety — but guess who’s not coming to (the wedding) dinner? Yep, Kendall Jenner, 20, is being left out!
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March 15th, 2016

Kendall Jenner ‘Bolted’ From Harry Styles Steamy Romance To Avoid Being ‘Burned’


Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles seemed like they were on their way to becoming Hollywood’s ‘it’ couple for 2016. We still can’t understand — until now — why the two parted ways after such a blissful reunion in St. Barts. has the EXCLUSIVE inside scoop!

Poor Kendall Jenner, 20! Seems as though her on-again, off-again boyfriend Harry Styles, 21, wasn’t ready to be in a fully “committed relationship”, which explains why the hot couple’s romance fizzled out so quickly after their second time around, EXCLUSIVELY reports. Read here for all the details. Click here to read more

March 14th, 2016

Harry Styles Joining ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2? — Official Answer Revealed

REX/Shutterstock/Courtesy of FOX

The cast of ‘Scream Queens’ have made it clear — they really want Harry Styles on season two. So is it happening? Well the final answer was just revealed. Was it what you were hoping for?

During the Scream Queens panel at PaleyFest, press and fans alike had one huge question: would Harry Styles really be joining the series? While EP Brad Falchuk told exclusively they were searching for three “hunky doctors” for season two, we had to know — would one be Harry? Well, now we know.
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March 13th, 2016

Harry Styles: Are His 1D Bandmates Jealous Of His New Movie Career?


Harry Styles landed the opportunity of a lifetime when it was announced that he was cast in a new Hollywood movie by Christopher Nolan on Mar. 11. But are his One Direction pals jealous? has EXCLUSIVELY learned the answer — click to read the details!

Harry Styles, 22, is a man in demand! No sooner had the One Direction singer landed a role in new blockbuster Hollywood movie Dunkirk, it was also confirmed that he will guest star in the second series of Scream Queens. Are his bandmates envious of Harry success? can EXCLUSIVELY reveal how they feel — just click down to find out!
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March 13th, 2016

‘Scream Queens’ Stars Tease Harry Styles’ Season 2 Casting At PaleyFest

Image Courtesy of Fox

Could the rumors be true? Is Harry Styles really starring in Season 2 of ‘Scream Queens’? At the show’s PaleyFest panel on March 12, Lea Michele and the rest of the cast dropped so many hints about his casting that we wouldn’t be surprised to see the 1D star on our TV screen come fall 2016.

When Scream Queens executive producer Brad Falchuk openly discussed Season 2 of the series at PaleyFest 2016 on March 12, he said Lea Michele‘s character, Hester, will be “intimately involved.” He meant with the storyline, but she quickly added, “…with Harry Styles?” And that certainly wasn’t the only time the One Direction singer’s name was brought up at the show’s panel on Saturday evening. So could the rumors of his casting really be true? Here’s what else we were told.
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March 11th, 2016

Harry Styles Done With Music? — Offered Role In Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie


Wait a minute… Harry Styles, the actor? It may be coming sooner than you think. He’s actually in the running for Christopher Nolan’s next movie about World War II — alongside Tom Hardy. Talk about star power!

Stars go from music to movies all the time — and it looks like Harry Styles may be next. He was actually just offered a role by Christopher Nolan — yes, the Christopher Nolan — in his next film, Dunkirk. The movie’s details have been kept very quite but our sister publication, Deadline just revealed that many sources have confirmed that the One Direction hottie was offered a non-lead role. Will he take it? And should he?
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March 10th, 2016

Lindsay Lohan Turned Down Harry Styles: ‘I Didn’t Know’ Who He Was


Did Lindsay Lohan give up the chance to date Harry Styles? He was ready to sweep her off her feet by showing up to her hotel room unannounced, but she totally ruined it — because she had no clue who he was! Say WHAT?!

If you thought every girl in the world was madly in love with Harry Styles, think again: Lindsay Lohan apparently doesn’t even know who he is! The actress was hanging out in her hotel room when Harry came knocking at her door. While the One Direction hottie, 22, gave no specific reason for making a surprise appearance, it didn’t matter anyway…Lindsay, 29, wanted nothing to do with him! How could you turn down the Harry Styles, you ask? Let Lindsay explain!
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