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January 30th, 2015

Harry Styles & Nadine Leopold: His Sweet Birthday Wish To Be With Her

Getty/Courtesy of Instagram

Harry Styles fans — take a deep breath. Our British hottie’s 21st birthday is coming up and guess who he wants by his side to celebrate? His rumored girlfriend Nadine Leopold! We have all the romantic details!

Nadine Leopold, 21, is one lucky girl! Not only did Harry Styles, 20, spend the day making her 21st birthday special, but now he wants her by his side for his upcoming celebrations as well — these two are getting pretty serious!
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January 26th, 2015

Meghan Trainor Teases Duet With Harry Styles ‘London Lights’ — Listen

Courtesy of Capital FM/Getty

OMG — Meghan Trainor’s new song with Harry Styles sounds AMAZING. Listen for yourselves!

During an interview for Capital FM Breakfast radio show, Meghan Trainor, 21, talked all about her new song with British hunk Harry Styles, 20. She even whipped out her ukulele and gave the world a preview of the tune — we are already obsessed!
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January 24th, 2015

Harry Styles & Nadine Leopold ‘Spoon Feed’ Each Other On Sexy Date


Harry Styles and Victoria’s Secret Angel Nadine Leopold had the sweetest date ever! has the EXCLUSIVE details on how these two cuties ‘spoon fed’ each other and more during their L.A. date on Jan. 22.

Harry Styles, 20, and Nadine Leopold, 21, are so hot together that they needed to cool off during an adorable date at the Go Greek frozen yogurt bar in Beverly Hills on Jan. 22. As have EXCLUSIVELY learned, the One Direction frontman and the leggy model even licked each other’s ice cream orders, as they spoon fed each other. So sweet!
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January 23rd, 2015

Harry Styles & Nadine Leopold: Their Sweet New Date — Pics

Courtesy of Twitter

Harry and Nadine indulged their sweet teeth when they went on the most adorable date ever to a frozen yogurt bar in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Jan. 22! Check out the fun pics!

Harry Styles, 20, and Nadine Leopold, 21, looked happier and healthier than ever when they stepped out for a sweet date at Go Greek frozen yogurt bar in Beverly Hills. Could these two get any cuter?!
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January 20th, 2015

Meghan Trainor Recording A ‘Love Song’ With Harry Styles?


It’s true! Meghan Trainor is living out every girl’s dream — she is recording a love song with the ever so dreamy Harry Styles! Find out all about this epic collaboration!

This is really happening, guys! Harry Styles, 20, actually reached out to Meghan Trainor, 21, and ask her to work on a song together! We have all the details about the song and how it will sound.
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January 17th, 2015

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Photographed Together – Friends Again? Pic

Courtesy of Instagram

Hold up, Haylor fans. Just when we gave up all hope of a Harry/Taylor reunion after she snubbed him in an awkward video, a new pic from the same night shows they were hanging out together at a party — click to see the pic!

Taylor Swift, 25, and Harry Styles20, crushed their fans’ hearts after an awkward encounter showed them ignoring each other outside of Caleb Followill‘s birthday party on Jan. 14. But alas, there may be hope! A new party pic shows a very happy Taylor with Harry’s arm next to her — is all well in Haylor land, HollywoodLifers?
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January 16th, 2015

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Encounter: She’s Still Angry He Broke Her Heart


The last anyone heard, Taylor and Harry were on friendly terms following their split. However, from the looks of a recent video taken of the two on Jan. 14, the songstress was anything but happy when she saw her ex out at a party in West Hollywood. Read on for what our body language experts had to say about the awkward encounter.

Ice, ice baby! Taylor Swift was as cold as ice when she saw her famous ex Harry Styles at Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill‘s birthday party in West Hollywood on Jan. 14. spoke with some top body language experts to give us the EXCLUSIVE 411 on how exactly Taylor felt about seeing Harry again.  Click here to read more

January 15th, 2015

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Caught On Video In Awkward Encounter — Watch


Taylor and Harry were NOT expecting this. The two exes came face-to-face unexpectedly in the lobby of LA’s Sunset Marquis — and their reactions were priceless!

Taylor Swift, 25, couldn’t avoid him forever. On Wednesday night, Jan. 14, her ex, Harry Styles, approached her and her friends outside of Caleb Followill‘s birthday party in Los Angeles, Calif. Thankfully, the entire awkward moment was caught on video — and you HAVE to see how Taylor reacts to unexpectedly seeing her ex!
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January 13th, 2015

Harry Styles & Emma Watson: Their Secret Soccer Game Date


There is a new ship in town and we are kind of loving it! Harry Styles and Emma Watson went on a secret date together — OMG! We have all the details!

Talk about a power couple! Emma Watson, 24, and Harry Styles, 20, went to a soccer game together, so we can officially start fan-girling over their relationship, right? Find out everything there is to know about their secret night out!
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January 12th, 2015

Kendall Jenner Dissing Harry Styles New GF Nadine Leopold? — Watch


Uh oh. Did Kendall Jenner just take a shot at her ex, Harry Styles’, new girl? Click inside to WATCH the video and decide for yourself.

Kendall Jenner, 19, seems to be dissing her fellow model, Nadine Leopold. Is it because Nadine is now dating Kendall’s ex, 20-year-old Harry Styles? You should watch the video Kendall just posted and tell what YOU think!
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January 10th, 2015

Harry Styles & Nadine Leopold Dating: Inside Their Romance


Is our favorite 1D hottie off the market? Harry and Nadine have been cozying up, and we’ve never seen Harry as romantic as he’s been with Nadine! He’s ‘having a ton of fun’ with her, and we can tell you where their relationship stands!

Harry Styles, 20, and Nadine Leopold, 21, cannot be any cuter together. After Harry celebrated Nadine’s 21st birthday with her in L.A. by surprising her with pink balloons, our hearts melted. So have Harry and the Victoria’s Secret model made their relationship official? Here’s what we know!
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January 8th, 2015

Harry Styles & Nadine Leopold — Fans React To His Romantic Gesture

Courtesy of Twitter

The internet made a collective ‘aww’ sound on Jan. 8 after Harry sweetly surprised rumored girlfriend Nadine Leopold with pink balloons for her 21st birthday. Here’s what fans are saying on Twitter.

The metallic pink balloons Harry Styles, 20, gave model Nadine Leopold, 21, on her birthday on Jan. 7 were just the cherry on top of a super romantic day! Find out more about their special date, plus, see what all the jealous Directioners have to say about it!
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