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December 1st, 2016

‘Beauty & The Beast’: Gaston Tries To Win Belle’s Heart In New Photo

Images Courtesy of Disney

Gaston is putting on the charm! In an all-new photo from the live-action ‘Beauty & The Beast,’ Gaston gifts Belle with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Is Gaston having a moment where he’s not completely arrogant? Click to see the new photo!

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September 1st, 2016

‘Beauty & The Beast’: Watch Emma Watson & Dan Stevens As The Perfect Belle & Beast

Courtesy of Disney

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are the Belle and Beast we’ve been waiting for! A brand-new sneak peek gives fans a first look at Emma and Dan getting into character for the ‘Beauty & the Beast’ live-action movie. Click to WATCH! And prepare to swoon.

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June 29th, 2016

Emma Watson’s Mortified After Tina Turner Ringtone Interrupts Interview — Funny Video

Courtesy of ITV/Lorraine/REX/Shutterstock

Poor Emma Watson! She’s just going about her business promoting her new film ‘Colonia,’ when Tina Turner interrupts her interview! Well, her Tina Turner ringtone that is. Check out the adorable video of the actress becoming absolutely mortified!

Emma Watson, 26, was totally caught off guard during an interview on June 29 when her phone went off playing Tina Turner‘s “Steamy Windows”! Although the actress was so embarrassed, we couldn’t have found it more adorable! Check out the video of how Emma reacts to the hilarious interruption here!
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May 23rd, 2016

‘Beauty & The Beast’: Fans Go Wild Over First Look Of Emma Watson As Belle In Trailer

Courtesy of ABC

We can’t get over how perfect Emma Watson looks as Belle in the first trailer for ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and the Internet agrees! Check out the fan reaction to the quick sneak peek right here.

Emma Watson, 26, may only appear in the Beauty and the Beast trailer for a few quick seconds, but that’s all her fans needed to be held over for now. Twitter is totally buzzing with reaction to the teaser that debuted on May 23, and everyone seems to agree on at least one thing: Emma was the absolute perfect choice for the live action film’s lead role!
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February 26th, 2016

Emma Watson’s Wild Confession: I’m Subscribed To A Sex Help Website


Wow! During a live on-stage interview, Emma Watson revealed that she subscribes to a site that researches sex and provides information on how women can improve their sex lives!

Emma Watson, 25, is not being shy about her thirst for knowledge and, more importantly, better sex.
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December 9th, 2015

Emma Watson’s Hair Makeover — See Her New Short Cut

Getty, Courtesy of Twitter

Emma Watson’s short hair is officially back! The ‘Harry Potter’ actress has gone for the big chop once again, cutting her hair into an insanely chic bob! Click here to see her dramatic hair transformation!

Short hair, don’t care! That’s definitely the motto Emma Watson, 25, appears to be living by as of late, after debuting a much shorter new do on Dec. 8. The British beauty was spotted rocking her trendy, new bob cut while attending a screening for the documentary The True Cost in London and if you ask us, this may just be her best look yet!
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October 29th, 2015

James Franco Shows Off Bizarre Neck Tattoo Of Emma Watson — See Pic

image courtesy of Instagram

James Franco really loves Emma Watson– so much so that he got a portrait tattoo of the actress’ face on his neck! No, seriously. See for yourself!

James Franco, 37, wants to wear his love for Emma Watson, 25, on his sleeve– uh, his neck. The eccentric actor took to Instagram on Oct. 28 to show off some seriously fresh ink featuring the literal face of Emma! Yeah, you need to see this, like, immediately! Check it out!
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October 6th, 2015

Emma Watson Reveals Her New Boyfriend After Almost A Year Of Being Single

Getty Images

Could Emma Watson be off the market? The ‘Harry Potter’ star was spotted with a mystery man while out in Los Angeles on Oct. 4, and we’re hoping this means she has found love again!

There’s a new guy in Emma Watson‘s life! The 25-year-old actress has been single since her “horrendous” December 2014 breakup with Matt Janney, 23, but after she was seen with a hunky new guy, that might not be true any longer! So who’s the lucky man? An actor named Roberto Aguire — get more details on their budding romance below!
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September 14th, 2015

‘Colonia’ Trailer: Emma Watson Joins A Cult To Rescue Her Man — Watch

Image Courtesy of Majestic Filmproduktion

Emma Watson fighting for love? Yes, please! The gorgeous actress infiltrates a cult to save the man she loves in the first trailer for her new drama, ‘Colonia.’ Click to WATCH!

Emma Watson, 25, is the world’s best girlfriend. The Harry Potter star is doing whatever it takes to save her abducted lover. After a desperate search, her character must join the Colonia Dignidad, a Chilean cult no one has ever escaped from. Check out the intense trailer now!
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August 6th, 2015

Emma Watson Interview: How She Recovered From ‘Horrendous’ Split With Ex Matt Janney

Getty Images

Emma Watson may have had her heart broken in December, but that hasn’t stopped her from living her life! In a new interview, the ‘Harry Potter’ star revealed how she was able to bounce back from her breakup with Matt Janney so quickly.

It’s no secret that Emma Watson, 25, is a great actress and person, so we hate to hear about any hardships she was forced to go through. Well, in the September issue of Vogue UK, she opened up about her recent breakup with ex Matt Janney and how she got through it. In such a sad time, we think she did something pretty admirable!
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July 20th, 2015

Emma Watson: ‘Harry Potter’ Actress Target In Kidnapping Plot?

Credit: Getty Images

Emma Watson is safe and accounted for! Apparently there was a kidnapping plan floating around with the actress as the target of the scary crime. Emma was reportedly being eyed by the very people she was working with on the set of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

No, we’re not talking about the plot of Beauty and the Beast gone wrong. Emma Watson, 25, was supposedly the subject of a possible kidnapping after reports of the horrible plan were revealed to staff members working on the set of Beauty and the Beast. As scary as that all sounds, was Emma’s life really in danger or was it all just a hoax?
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June 10th, 2015

Emma Watson Relives Brutal Abuse In Horrifying ‘Regression’ Trailer — Watch

Image Courtesy of Mod Producciones

Oh cool, we’re terrified. The first full-length trailer for Emma Watson’s upcoming horror flick, “Regression’ has just been released and it is going to scare the bejesus outta you!

In Regressionwhich hits theaters on Aug. 28, Emma Watson will depart from her Harry Potter role in a big way. Emma will play Angela, the daughter of a man who sexually and physically abused her, though he has no recollection of doing such. With the help of Detective Bruce Kenner (Ethan Hawke), the two explore the truth of Emma’s claims, and set out to help the man relive his memories. Naturally, it is horrifying. Watch the heart pounding trailer– and do it quick while it’s still light outside!
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April 15th, 2015

Emma Watson: ‘Harry Potter’ Actress Turns 25 – Happy Birthday

Courtesy of Getty Images

Points for Gryffindor! Emma Watson turns 25 on April 15. Let us celebrate the ‘Harry Potter’ actress by looking back at her past year and all her incredible accomplishments!

We don’t know the spell to summon a cake, so let us just play it safe and say Happy Birthday! Emma Watson turns 25-years-old on April 15, 2015. In just a quarter of-a-century, Emma has accomplished more than most get done in a lifetime. Let’s help honor Emma’s special day by taking a look back at her amazing year!
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February 21st, 2015

Prince Harry & Emma Watson ‘Perfect For One Another,’ Their Friends Say


Is Emma Watson the one for Prince Harry? Sources close to both of them have revealed EXCLUSIVELY to why they think Emma is Prince Harry’s perfect match!

While fans are dying to see Emma Watson, 24, and Prince Harry, 30, fall in love like a real-life fairytale, it turns out their friends are also totally into the idea. has learned EXCLUSIVELY why they feel Emma and Harry would be a great couple, and her “wicked” sense of humor is only the beginning!
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February 20th, 2015

Emma Watson & Prince Harry: The Ultimate Goodwill, Power Couple


Fans are going nuts over the idea of Emma Watson dating Prince Harry, and I’m one of them! A recent report claims they’ve gone on several dates, which is amazing. Not only are they both gorgeous, but they are both charitable people. And good humanitarians should definitely sleep with each other.

I can’t argue with the idea of two good looking and giving people procreating together. Sure, Emma Watson and Prince Harry are only reportedly dating (I shouldn’t get ahead of myself), but there are so many reasons why these two make the ultimate power couple. Find out why I think so!
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