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January 21st, 2014

Jennifer Aniston: Is She Pregnant? The Truth Revealed


After an ‘official’ Jennifer Aniston Facebook page announced that the actress was pregnant with her first child, fans wondered if they should start sending congratulations or call it all a hoax! found out the truth!

Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé Justin Theroux look more in love than ever, but are they expecting a child together? An “official” Facebook page for Jen announced the couple’s exciting baby news on Jan. 20, but a few details in the report just didn’t add up: still, could it be true after all?
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January 10th, 2014

Miley Cyrus V. Jennifer Aniston: Stylist Takes Side In Hair Feud

Courtesy Of Instagram, FameFlyNet

Jennifer was reportedly furious that her hairstylist of 20 years Chris McMillan was focusing on Miley’s image instead of hers, said a report on Jan. 7. Chris took to Instagram on Jan. 9 to respond — see where his allegiance lies below!

Rumor had it that Jennifer Aniston gave Chris McMillan an ultimatum — stop working with Miley Cyrus and focus on me! The Radar Online report says she was jealous of all the headlines Miley was getting after Chris re-invented her with her now famous pixie haircut. Has Chris picked a favorite lady? What he posted on Instagram might surprise you!
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January 8th, 2014

Jennifer Aniston Vs. Miley Cyrus: Their Nasty New Feud

Courtesy Of Instagram

Never get between a star and her hairstylist of over 20 years! That’s what Miley Cyrus is learning after using Jennifer Aniston’s longtime BFF and creator of the ‘Rachel’ cut, Chris McMillan, to cut her infamous pixie.

Is Hollywood hairstylist Chris McMillan the “mane man” in the middle of a big, new feud between Miley Cyrus, 20, and Jennifer Aniston, 44? That’s what a Jan. 7 report claims. Jen is reportedly hot under the collar after a perceived betrayal by her longtime stylist, who took time out from tending her own golden locks to shear off Miley’s mane and create her infamous, sexy new cut!
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December 31st, 2013

10 Biggest Hair Transformations Of 2013 — Beyonce & Jennifer Lawrence

FameFlyNet, Instagram, SplashNews, Courtesy Of Facebook

Whether it was a dramatic pixie cut, a shocking bangs debut or a blonde dye job, stars like Beyonce, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian had us gasping over their hair in 2013! Let’s take a look at the top 10 transformations

Stars like Kim Kardashian, 33, Beyonce, 32, Jennifer Lawrence, 23, and Kate Middleton, 30, all debuted hair makeovers in 2013 — VOTE on your favorite below!
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November 29th, 2013

Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles & More: Sexiest Shirtless Couples

Courtesy Of Instagram, Bauer-Griffin, Agua Bendita/Splash

People always talk about which Hollywood couples own the red carpet, but the real question is: which of them look best on the beach?

We’re taking the hottest couples conversation to another level. It’s nice and all when a couple like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt can stun on a red carpet in a gown and a tux, but we don’t want to limit ourselves to evening wear. No, the real determining factor in choosing a hottest couple is how good they look when they’re stripped down to their swim trunks.
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November 20th, 2013

Justin Theroux Putting Wedding With Jennifer Aniston On Hold — Report


Jen and Justin may have been engaged for 15 months, so why hasn’t there been even a whiff of wedding planning? Sadly, there’s trouble in the former Jen/Justin paradise, according to a new report. Here’s why!

Jennifer Aniston may not be getting her happily ever after anytime soon. The 44-year-old actress is currently living in Bel Air, while Justin Theroux is busy working in NYC — and the distance is reportedly taking a major toll on their relationship.
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November 9th, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off New Bob Hair Cut — Love Or Loathe?

Courtesy of Instagram

Is that you, Jen? The woman of many iconic hair cuts showed off a new one on Nov. 9, flaunting her bob alongside the man behind the do, her longtime stylist Chris McMillan. Are you loving this cut as much as we are? VOTE below!

Looks like Jennifer Aniston is adjusting to her new hair cut pretty well. Just days after she stepped out with the new look, the ageless actress posed for a fun selfie with Chris McMillan, her longtime stylist responsible for the cut, on Nov. 9.
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November 7th, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Debuts New Piercing & Haircut: Love Or Loathe? Vote

Courtesy of Instagram

Jennifer Aniston got an edgy new piercing with her BFF on November 6. Do you appreciate her daring sense of style or do you think it’s a bit risky and not quite age appropriate? VOTE!

Jennifer Aniston, 44, brought out her inner wild child when she got matching cartilage piercings with good friend and makeup artist Gucci Westman. With her dramatic new haircut, this week is proving to be a transforming one for Jen! Whatever the case may be, we are totally loving the new look! Though we were surprised with all of her latest changes, we want to know what YOU think! Keep reading and give us your opinion on Jennifer’s evolving look.
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November 5th, 2013

People’s Choice Awards Nominees: Lea Michele, ‘Vampire Diaries’ & More

Courtesy of The CW, Fox, ABC Family

The 2014 People’s Choice Awards nominations were announced Nov. 5, and with fan-favorites like Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Lucy Hale & Lea Michele all racking up nominations, our heads are spinning!

The People’s Choice Awards has always been one of the stand-out fun awards show offerings, but this year’s ceremony is looking to be a bloodbath. Jared Padalecki vs. Jensen Ackles vs. Stephen Amell vs. Ian Somerhalder vs. Andrew Lincoln? Pretty Little Liars vs. The Walking Dead? (How does one even vote on that?) At least no matter who wins, it’s somebody we like, right? (Wrong. So wrong. This is huge!)
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September 19th, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Trying Desperately For A Baby This Past Year — Report


After a new report claimed America’s sweetheart and her fiancee, Justin Theroux, were expecting their first baby together, another report insists that Jen still isn’t pregnant — and she doesn’t appreciate the constant reminders that she’s not with child.

Jennifer Aniston and her fiancee, Justin Theroux, have been trying so hard for a baby ever since they got engaged in August, 2012, but they reportedly still haven’t had any luck. Jen, 44, used to joke with her friends about the pregnancy rumors, but as she’s getting older, “it’s starting to become a source of irritation” for her, Jen’s friend reveals to MailOnline. How awful!
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September 18th, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Allegedly Pregnant With First Child — Report

Courtesy Of Us Weekly, FameFlyNet

America’s sweetheart and her beau are reportedly expecting their first child together! Get all the exciting details here.

Jennifer Aniston has been engaged to her fiance Justin Theroux since Aug. 2012 — but the pair are already reportedly expanding their family with a baby! A new report claims that Jen is “thrilled beyond belief,” about her pregnancy news.
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August 30th, 2013

Get Jennifer Aniston’s Flawless, Even Skin — Expert Advice


Over the years, your skin is more prone to discoloration due to factors like acne scars and the suns harmful rays. Jennifer Aniston has always maintained her flawless skin — and we are totally jealous! Dermatologist Dr. Bowe gave the scoop on how to even out skin tone and get rid of those annoying acne scars!

Jennifer Aniston has a perfect complexion with a beautiful even skin tone. How has managed to avoid discoloration? Read on for expert advice from New York-based dermatologist, Dr. Bowe, on how you can get rid of dark spots to create a healthy looking even skin tone!
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