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April 16th, 2015

Britney Spears Blurts Out ‘F–king A–hole’ During Vegas Concert — Watch

Courtesy of Instagram

Say what? During Britney’s April 15 concert, the ‘Piece of Me’ singer had one jaw-dropping outburst. She called someone out for being a ‘f–king a–hole!’ Click to WATCH!

What did you say, Britney Spears, 33?! With her microphone definitely on, the singer blurted out “f–king a–hole” during her April 15 Las Vegas concert at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Someone apparently yelled something not so nice to the “Circus” singer during the show, according to a report.
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April 15th, 2015

Iggy Azalea & Britney Spears Planning Surprise Duet At Billboard Awards


You guys, it’s happening. has just gotten word that Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears will be debuting their brand new song live at the Billboard Awards on May 17!

As if you weren’t excited enough after seeing Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea filming their ’80s style music video on April 9 for “Pretty Girls,” you can now freak out — because they’re about to perform it live! Iggy, 24, tweeted on April 15 that the pair would be performing it at some point, but now we can let you know all the details of the upcoming performance.
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April 9th, 2015

Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Film Music Video In Sexy Crop Tops

Pacific Coast News

In the words of 80’s legend Cyndi Lauper, ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’. And Clearly, that’s exactly what Britney and Iggy are doing. The pair were spotted having a blast while filming their new music video for ‘Pretty Girls’.

Britney Spears, 33, is back and she’s driving a bright yellow Jeep! The pop star has officially started filming with Iggy Azalea, 24, for her new music video “Pretty Girls”. The new song is going to appear on Brit’s upcoming album, but we can’t help but wonder — what is this track all about?
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March 13th, 2015

Bruce Jenner’s Disturbed By Kim Kardashian Dragging North West Around


Bruce Jenner is one unhappy grandpa! has EXCLUSIVELY learned he’s ‘appalled’ over his belief that Kim Kardashian is toting around North West like an ‘accessory’.

Bruce Jenner, isn’t known for speaking his mind when it comes to parenting his kids, but it seems Kim Kardashian, 34, has gotten under his skin. The reality star dad doesn’t agree with all of the events North West, 21 months, is attending, especially all of the fashion shows.
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March 13th, 2015

Britney Spears’ Sexy Vegas Beauty: Get Her ‘Billboard’ Cover Look

Courtesy of Billboard

After 100 Las Vegas shows, Britney Spears knows a thing or two about being Sin City sexy. On her new ‘Billboard’ magazine cover, Brit smolders in a black suit jacket, showing off her long legs. We’ve got all the details on her Vegas vixen look!

Britney Spears, 33, is not just a pop culture mainstay — she’s a beauty and fashion icon, proving over the years to be able to transform herself into any persona for a variety of themed tours. On her cover for the March 21 issue of Billboard, Britney reveals both her legs and her plans for a new album. Brit fans, it’s your lucky day: we know just how you can get her look!
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March 12th, 2015

Britney Spears To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show In 2016 — Report


OMG — will the queen of pop, Britney Spears, be taking the stage at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show?! We have all the exciting details!

Next year’s Super Bowl will be the 50th, so it’s only fitting that the halftime performer is someone HUGE — and who is more fitting than Britney Spears? The 33-year-old singer is “definitely doing a part” of the show in 2016, according to a new report!
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March 3rd, 2015

Britney Spears & Charlie Ebersol Getting Married? She Hints At Vegas Wedding


Are Britney and Charlie tying the knot? The pop star teased the possibility of a Vegas wedding a new interview with ‘Extra’ special correspondent, Pauly D, on March 2. We have all the details here!

Is Britney Spears, 33, ready to say “I do” again — this time to boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, 32? The pop icon, who continues to rule the stage during her “Piece Of Me” show in Las Vegas, didn’t seem shy about the idea of wedding bells with her new beau when asked about it during a new interview. Find out what Britney said about their romantic future together!
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February 24th, 2015

Christina Aguilera Spoofs Britney Spears: Was She Insulted? The Truth

Getty/Courtesy of NBC

Christina Aguilera just proved how talented she is! On Feb. 23, ‘The Voice’ coach appeared in a super funny skit on ‘The Tonight Show’ where she impersonated her longtime frenemy Britney Spears and has EXCLUSIVELY learned if Brit saw it as a major diss.

Christina Aguilera, 34, is officially flawless! The Voice coach completely nailed an impression of fellow pop-princess Britney Spears singing “Three Little Pigs” to the tune of her hit, “Oops I Did It Again” during a hilarious musical skit on The Tonight Show and has learned exactly how Britney feels about it. Here’s what we know.
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February 24th, 2015

Christina Aguilera Mocks Britney Spears In Hilarious Skit — Watch

Courtesy of NBC

Oops, she did it again! Christina Aguilera totally nailed Britney Spears’ singing voice in a super funny skit on ‘The Tonight Show,’ but was she poking fun? Click inside to WATCH!

Who knew Christina Aguilera, 34, was so good at doing vocal impressions? The Voice star and singer revealed her hidden talent while visiting Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Feb. 24, when the pair played a karaoke game that required them to imitate other artists. Just wait until you see Christina’s hilarious impression of her longtime frenemy, Britney Spears!
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February 1st, 2015

Britney Spears Appears In Surprise Super Bowl Ad For #SuperBowlRally

Courtesy of Instagram

Britney Spears is definitely ready to play in the Super Bowl! The stunning ‘Toxic’ singer appeared in a super short clip that aired during the Feb. 1, game where she applies eye black strips and warms up her voice.

Britney Spears, 33, definitely caught her fans off guard and tricked them into thinking that she was going to perform at the Super Bowl! On Feb. 1, the icon appeared in an ad for #SuperBowlRally where she is humming and warming up her voice while applying eye black strips in the mirror. Watch the clip below!
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January 19th, 2015

Britney Spears’ Ex-Boyfriend Tragically Killed In Afghanistan


How sad. One of Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriends, pilot John Sundahl, was killed when a Taliban missile shot down his helicopter near Kabul.

Britney Spears, 33, is mourning the loss of her beloved ex-boyfriend, John Sundahl, who was just 44 years old when his helicopter was mercilessly shot down just outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. Britney and John briefly dated after reportedly meeting at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting back in 2007, and the singer is said to be “devastated” about John’s untimely death.
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January 8th, 2015

‘Vampire Diaries': Elena Will Finally Rekindle Her Romance With Damon

Courtesy of CW

It sounds like 2015 could be the year for Delena — if it’s up to her! ‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns on Jan. 22, and we have a hint of what’s in store for Elena, you know, after she gets herself free from Kai.

In case you’re still in a food coma from the holidays and need a refresher, we last saw Elena (Nina Dobrev) at Damon (Ian Somerhalder)’s doorstep under mistletoe — except he couldn’t see her, thanks to Kai (Chris Wood) . However, thanks to The Vampire Diaries‘ EP doing an interview, we now know that she’ll be running to one person when she’s free — and that’s Damon.
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