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January 26th, 2016

Scott Disick Emotionally Confesses Why He’s Unhappy On ‘Kocktails With Khloe’ — Watch

Image Courtesy of FYI

Scott Disick is the next guest on ‘Kocktails with Khloe’ — a little odd since he and Khloe’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, are currently on the outs. However, in a sneak peek of this week’s show, Malika asks him about what’s next in his life — and his answer may surprise you. Watch here!

Just because Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are broken up, we know that he’s still pretty close with the family. He was spotted leaving Kocktails with Khloe with Kris Jenner, and now in a sneak peek of this Wednesday’s episode, Scott’s revealing what his focus in life is. Malika Haqq and Tyga, other guests on the show, say in the clip that Scott never talks about himself, while everyone else does — but he has a message to spread: he’s not at all the way people think he is.
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January 26th, 2016

Kourtney Kardashian & Justin Bieber Hooking Up Again After His Hailey Baldwin Vacation?


Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian had a hot thing going, until Biebs went on a sexy vacation with Hailey Baldwin. Now that Justin has moved on from the Baldwin babe, did he talk Kourt into another late night hook-up? has the EXCLUSIVE details.

No hard feelings? Justin Bieber, 21, seemed to put all about his late nights with Kourtney Kardashian, 36, way behind him while making out with Hailey Baldwin, 19. Now that Justin has parted ways with Hailey, has he reached out to Kourt to pick up where they left off? has EXCLUSIVELY learned if Kourt and Justin are hooking up again, or if it’s over between them.
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January 26th, 2016

Amber Rose Trying To Steal Scott Disick From Kourtney Kardashian For Good?

Courtesy of Instagram/Getty

Amber Rose caused quite a stir when she started following Scott Disick on Instagram. With Amber’s bad blood with Kourtney Kardashian’s family, is this part of a plan to steal Kourt’s ex away from her? has the EXCLUSIVE details!

First, Kylie Jenner’s, 18, rival, Blac Chyna, 27, started dating her brother, Rob Kardashian, 28. Now, has another Kardashian enemy captured the heart of Scott Disick, 32? Amber Rose, 32, started following Kourtney Kardashian’s, 36, ex on social media and has EXCLUSIVELY learned if there’s more to this relationship than just a follow-back.
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January 25th, 2016

Justin Bieber Furious Kourtney Kardashian Didn’t Gush Over Him On ‘Ellen’? The Truth

Getty/ Image Courtesy of Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Uh oh! Kourtney Kardashian wasn’t throwing love towards hookup pal Justin Bieber in one of her first public appearances since the news of their romance broke. So is the Biebs hurting over the fact that she didn’t gush over their hot booty calls? has your EXCLUSIVE answers!

Yikes! Kourtney Kardashian finally had a chance to talk about her hot fling with Justin Bieber, 21, on Jan. 25’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, because the ever nosy Ellen wanted to find out what’s going on! When she asked about her hookups with the Biebs, Kourtney, 36, played it totally coy, only saying that he’s “good with her kids,” and that he’s just a “friend.” She kept doubling down on her “just friends” claim, even though Ellen tried her best to get more details out of her. So is Justin upset that Kourtney basically just called him a really good babysitter instead of a hot lover? has learned EXCLUSIVELY what he thought about her appearance.
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January 25th, 2016

Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘ELLEN’ Outfit: See Her Sexy, Leggy Shorts Suit

Courtesy of Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian was the golden girl of the day! The star was shining as she stepped out on stage at the ‘ELLEN’ show in her sizzling outfit, which consisted of a gold blazer and matching shorts — and she looked amazing, even flaunting her cleavage beneath the jacket. Do you agree?

Kourtney Kardashian, 36, was gorgeous in gold on ELLEN on Jan. 25 in LA, where the oldest sis sat down to catch up with the talk show host — and we couldn’t take our eyes off her stunning outfit! The mother-of-three flaunted her petite frame in a gold shorts suit, which consisted of a plunging jacket and matching bottoms, which looked amazing against her complexion — and she definitely has the legs for this sexy look! Click here to read more

January 24th, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres Confronts Kourtney Kardashian About Her Justin Bieber Hookup — Watch

Courtesy of EllenTube

Did Kourtney Kardashian finally come clean about her relationship with Justin Bieber? When she paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres, the no-limits talk show host dug right in and asked what the deal is between Kourt and The Biebs. Watch what Kourtney said right here!

As soon as Kourtney Kardashian signed up to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she had to assume that she’d be asked about her hookup with Justin Bieber, 21, as he’s one of Ellen DeGeneres‘ besties. Naturally, JB was one of the first things Ellen, 57, brought up, and Kourtney, 36, seemed to have no problem answering Ellen’s burning questions. But was she telling the truth? Ellen certainly didn’t think so!
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January 24th, 2016

‘KUWTK’ Sneak Peek: Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Torture Kris With Water Balloons & Pies

Courtesy of E!

In a new sneak peek from the Jan. 24 episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ Kim and Kourtney Kardashian torture their mom, Kris Jenner, with pies in the face and water balloons. Watch the must-see video here!

In this hilarious new clip from the Jan. 24 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian seek revenge on their mom, Kris Jenner. We’re not quite sure why, but the result is amazing. Watch it all go down here!
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January 24th, 2016

11 Biggest Bombshell Moments Ever From ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

Images Courtesy of E!

We’re more than 11 seasons into ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ and the show just seems to be getting crazier by the week! From engagements to divorces and shocking fights, relive 11 of the craziest moments from the E! reality series right here.

There’s never a shortage of drama on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that’s for sure! The craziness continues on the Jan. 24 episode, and we’re taking a look back at some of the most memorable bombshell moments the series has ever aired. Click through the gallery to check ’em all out!
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January 22nd, 2016

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: She Reveals If They’re Still Hooking Up — Watch

Image Courtesy of EllenTube

It’s been months since Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick split, but where do they stand now? The reality star herself sat down with Ellen DeGeneres this week to reveal her relationship status — find out the truth here!

Are Kourtney Kardashian, 36, and Scott Disick, 32, back together or what?! They’ve been seen together on many occasions since their July split, and Kourtney sat down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to reveal to fans where they’re at now. Watch a clip from the interview here!
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January 21st, 2016

Kourtney Kardashian’s Daughter Penelope Disick Flaunts $8K Hermes Baby Birkin Bag


Whoa! Get a load of what a little fashionista Penelope Disick has become, as the tot is already following in the Kardashian ladies’ fashionable footsteps with her own pink Hermes Baby Birkin bag. Read on for more details about the little girl’s WAY luxe accessory.

Ok, this is ridiculous. Kourtney Kardashian‘s daughter Penelope Disick, is barely old enough to read, yet she’s already sporting a handbag any grown woman would die to have. Apparently mom is making sure her love of all things Hermes is being passed down to her daughter at a very young age, because Penny’s already sporting a hot pink Baby Birkin bag of her very own. And get ready for this, the bags go for $8,000 each! Yes, that’s right, a three-year-old is wandering around with a purse that costs more than a decent used car!
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January 21st, 2016

Kourtney Kardashian Limiting Scott Disick’s Time With Kids As He Battles ‘Demons’

Courtesy of RexFeatures

This is kinda sad. Kourtney Kardashian is pumping the brakes on Scott Disick’s time with their young ones, until he proves he’s on the right path. has the scoop!

Kourtney Kardashian 36, has had a long rough road with the father of her three children, Scott Disick 32. And now she has begun to cut his time with their kids until he can get a handle on his issues. But will this tough love make him a better man or leave him bitter and resentful? Here’s what we know.
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January 20th, 2016

Chris Brown ‘Snitching’ On Scott Disick? Why He’s Telling Kourtney Everything

Splash News/Rex USA

Does Scott Disick have a rat in his friends group? A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Chris Brown has actually been “snitching” on his bestie to his ex Kourtney Kardashian, revealing everything that he does while they’re out — but don’t worry, it’s not what you think!

If Scott Disick, 32, thought he was going to be able to get away with any sort of bad behavior while out with his pal Chris Brown, 26, he was sorely mistaken! As it turns out, Breezy has actually been keeping a watchful eye on Scott and reporting his every move back to his ex Kourtney Kardashian, 36, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. So is Scott livid about Chris’ snitching? Find out below!
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