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March 9th, 2016

Kendall Jenner: Why Her Harry Styles Romance Is Standing In The Way Of One With Chris Brown

Courtesy of Instagram/Courtesy of Twitter

Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown reignited romance rumors when they hung out not once, but twice, during Paris Fashion Week. So, are these two about to become one? A source tells EXCLUSIVELY there’s ‘something there,’ but Harry Styles may be holding things back.

Kendall Jenner, 20, enjoyed a dinner date in the world’s most romantic city with Chris Brown, 26. She also managed to fit time into her ultra busy Paris Fashion Week schedule for a late night party session with the hip hop hottie. Seems like the supermodel is ready to make room in her life for the Royalty singer — but what about Harry Styles?
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March 7th, 2016

Zayn Malik Dissed By Harry Styles’ BFF Over Tracklist For New Album: See The Shade


Harry Styles’ best friend may have just ignited a feud with Zayn Malik! Just after Zayn revealed the tracklisting for his new album, Nick Grimshaw tweeted some major shade at the songs. See his diss tweet right here!

Whoa, Zayn Malik‘s album has officially been shaded — by Harry Styles‘ BFF! The ex-bandmates have made it clear that they don’t exactly have the best relationship now that Zayn is going solo, and Harry’s good pal Nick Grimshaw is chiming in with an awfully snarky remark. The 31-year-old radio host totally dissed Zayn’s upcoming album on Twitter!
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March 4th, 2016

Harry Styles Is Growing A Mustache & His Fans Are Freaking Out About It

Courtesy of Twitter

You guys, Harry Styles is all grown up! The singer has had trouble growing facial hair, but he’s finally beginning to develop a faint mustache — and fans are all about it. Check out how they’re freaking out over his facial hair here!

Harry Styles, 22, has really been enjoying his downtime while One Direction is on a break…and he’s even getting a little bit of a new look while off from work! The singer is growing a mustache to the best of his ability, and his fans are going absolutely nuts over it. You HAVE to see their reactions on Twitter!
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March 4th, 2016

Harry Styles Fears Liam Payne Will Get Heart Broken By Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

FameFlynet/Courtesy of Instagram

Oh no! We love Liam Payne and so do his 1D bandmates, which is why one of them is worried that he’s about to get seriously hurt by new love Cheryl Fernandez-Versini! has the EXCLUSIVE details on why Harry Styles thinks she’s totally wrong for him.

Liam Payne, 22, has been spending lots of time with new girlfriend, British X-Factor judge Cheryl Fernadez-Versini, 32, as of late. While he seems totally enamored of their time together – even posting selfies of himself cudding on her lap – his pal Harry Styles, 22, is worried that the soon-to-be-divorced singer is going to break his heart, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Keep reading for the shocking reasons why Harry thinks they’re a terrible fit!
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March 2nd, 2016

Harry Styles’ First Solo Album: He’s Working On New Edgy Rock ‘N Roll Sound

Courtesy of Instagram

We can’t wait to hear Harry Styles’ first solo album! has EXCLUSIVELY learned the One Direction singer is working ‘with the best songwriters and producers,’ while ‘aiming for a more rockier sound’ than we’re used to from him. Find out more here!

Now that One Direction is on hiatus, Harry Styles is hard at work on his solo career, and he wants it to mirror that of Robbie Williams, who successfully broke away from Take That in 1995. We also discovered what kind of sound Harry’s aiming for on his first solo album!
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March 2nd, 2016

James Corden Covers Himself In Tattoos, All Thanks to Harry Styles — See Crazy Pic

Image Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

If there’s anyone who’s full of surprises it’s James Corden. And the ‘Late Late Show’ host’s latest antic? Channeling his inner Harry Styles for a wild magazine spread. Sporting Harry-esque body art in excess, James even shows off his new look sans shirt — this is seriously hilarious!

James Corden, 37, is not one to shy away from an opportunity to make others laugh — no matter the cost! This time though he REALLY went the extra mile by saturating himself in crazy tattoos. But no need to freak out, while the art is totally fake, his inspiration behind it all is very real! Harry Styles, 22, himself influenced this gag and we have to hand it to James, this is a pretty epic statement!
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February 21st, 2016

Kendall Jenner Complains Harry Styles Smells In New ‘KUWTK’ Preview


Ew! In a new clip from the Feb. 21 season finale of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ Kendall Jenner reportedly tells Kylie that she asked Harry Styles ‘to shower more’ and wear a heavy-duty deodorant because he has really smelly armpits.

Harry Styles may be one of the dreamiest guys in Hollywood, but according to Kendall Jenner, he has a bad hygiene problem. While talking to Kylie in a clip from the Feb. 21 season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall reportedly says she had to ask the One Direction singer “to shower more.” Ouch.
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February 19th, 2016

Rebel Wilson’s Date Moments With Justin Bieber & Harry Styles: She Tells All — Kind Of

Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Did Rebel Wilson go on dates with BOTH Justin Bieber and Harry Styles?! Wait until you hear what she told Ellen DeGeneres — click inside to WATCH!

Rebel Wilson is living every fan girl’s wildest dream come true. Not only did she have a “moment” with Justin Bieber, 21, during a hot night out in Las Vegas, but she’s also confessing to whether or not things took off between her and Harry Styles, 22.
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February 19th, 2016

Rebel Wilson Accused Of ‘Sexually Assaulting’ Harry Styles By 1D Fans — Watch

Image Courtesy of EllenTube

For One Direction fans, Rebel Wilson got a little too close to Harry Styles when they were both on ‘Ellen.’ When Rebel returned to the show for the Feb. 19 episode, she revealed his fans accused her of ‘sexually assaulting’ him! Click to WATCH!

Whoa. Rebel Wilson, 35, confessed to Ellen DeGeneres, 58, that she was accused of “sexually assaulting” Harry Styles, 22, when she hugged and basically straddled him when he was on the show with One Direction in Nov. 2015. However, Rebel assures everyone that he “really enjoyed” their embrace.
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February 16th, 2016

One Direction, Demi Lovato & More Get ‘Mean Tweets’ Treatment On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Courtesy ABC

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’s’ mean tweets are back in full effect! This time, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Drake and more musical stars were the victims forced to read brutally unkind tweets about themselves. Check out the hilarious video, here!

One Direction, Demi Lovato, Drake and more musicians got the painful “mean tweets” treatment on Feb. 15 on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was one major burn after another! From Demi being called a “talentless t**t” to Drizzy reading he looked like a “ferret with a baby afro” we couldn’t stop laughing – and feeling bad for them. Watch it right here!
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February 15th, 2016

Harry Styles & Zayn Malik Show Up To Same Pre-Grammys Party — Awkward?


Well, this could’ve gotten a little awkward! After months of not talking, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik found themselves at the very same pre-Grammys party on Feb. 14. OMG, was it totally uncomfortable for them to be at the event together?!

They may not be in the same band anymore, but Harry Styles, 22, and Zayn Malik, 23, definitely still run in the same circles — and they couldn’t avoid each other forever! It’s not all that surprising that the guys were both at the same party ahead of the Grammy Awards on Feb. 14, but we have to wonder…was the encounter beyond awkward!?
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February 8th, 2016

Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles: Why She’s Ready To Ditch Him & Find A New Man


Have we officially seen the end of Hendall?! After reports surfaced that the two had severely cooled off since their hot and heavy vaca, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Kendall is done waiting around for Harry, and is now determined to find herself a man who can actually commit!

They started off hot and heavy, but it appears that like all good things Kendall Jenner, 20, and Harry Styles, 22, have officially come to an end. The couple’s romance has reportedly been on a downward spiral ever since their romantic St. Barts getaway, and now a source tells that Kendall is officially over Harry’s games and is determined to find herself a real man — that is, one who can actually commit! Get the EXCLUSIVE details below!
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