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January 18th, 2016

Karrueche Tran Wearing Enormous Diamond Ring — A Gift From Chris Brown?


Hey, Karrueche Tran! What’s that on your finger? When Kae stepped out on Jan. 17, she was sporting a huge diamond ring. Was this a new present from her ex, Chris Brown, or was Kae sending a not-so-secret message to Breezy? Click to see!

For Karrueche Tran, 27, a casual day of shopping with her girlfriends is not complete unless she’s wearing has a humongous diamond ring. Huh. The last time Kae wore such a piece of bling, she had received a gift from her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown, 26. Is this new rock a gift from her old flame?
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January 15th, 2016

Chris Brown’s Outrageously Expensive Gift For Royalty: 1.5 Million Dollar Puppy

Courtesy of Instagram

Chris Brown has given his daughter one of the most expensive gifts we’ve ever heard of — a golden puppy. Literally, this 1.5 million dollar dog is Royalty’s Christmas gift, talk about one pricey pooch. Click to see the expensive animal!

Daddy dearest only wants nothing but the best for his princess. Chris Brown, 26, took to social media on Jan. 15 to brag about the outrageous Christmas gift he got for his daughter Royalty, 1. It seems Breezy had his eye on one very, very, VERY expensive puppy — a Tibetan Mastiff.
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January 3rd, 2016

Chris Brown Denies Hitting Woman Accuser: She’s ‘Out To Get A Check’ — Watch Video

RexFeatures/Courtesy of Instagram!

Surprise. Chris Brown’s name is caught up in some drama. A woman claims the rapper punched her in the eye, and Breezy’s speaking out. Chris denies the claims in an all-new video, saying she’s just looking for a payday. Click to WATCH the video!

It seems everyone wants a piece of Chris Brown, 26. Or maybe just his check book? The Royalty singer vehemently denies attacking a woman in Las Vegas on Jan. 2 in a new Instagram video, and says the alleged victim is “out to get a check.” Yikes!
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January 2nd, 2016

Chris Brown Accused Of Punching Woman In The Face In Vegas Hotel — See Pic


A very disturbing report alleges that Chris Brown punched a female fan in the face after she took a photo of the singer without his permission. The alleged incident happened in Las Vegas, and is currently being investigated. Click to see the pic of the alleged victim’s injury.

Chris Brown, 26, is being accused of punching a female fan, Liziane Gutierrez (printed with her permission) in the right eye on Saturday, January 2, after she allegedly snuck her phone into his private party at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas. After allegedly getting the phone past security, she apparently took a photo of the singer, and he reportedly became enraged and struck the woman, according to TMZ. Check out the photo of Liziane’s alleged injury from Chris now.
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January 1st, 2016

Chris Brown Shows Off His Bulge To Celebrate 2016: ‘I Lost My Drawz’ — Pic

Courtesy of Instagram

Wow! New Year’s wasn’t the only thing worth celebrating on Dec. 31! Chris Brown gave us a big surprise when the ball dropped at midnight – and it’s in his pants, er, towel. That’s right, it was the final blow in the 2015 battle of the bulge. Check out the pic, here!

Chris Brown, 26, took one last opportunity in 2015 to prove that he’s got some junk in the trunk, uh, towel. The crooner took to Instagram to share his last conundrum of the year – ‘I lost my drawz’! Will he find them before midnight?! See the pic here to find out why we don’t want him to.
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December 30th, 2015

Scott Disick: The Trick Chris Brown Taught Him To Avoid Temptation At The Club On NYE

Pacific Coast News

Scott Disick is going to be around plenty of temptation to fall off the wagon when he hosts a giant bash at Las Vegas’ 1OAK on New Year’s Eve. The booze will be free flowing, but has EXCLUSIVELY learned he’s got a secret weapon to avoid temptation.

Newly sober Scott Disick, 32 is venturing back into the place that got him in so much trouble in the past – hosting liquor filled parties. While he’d rather not be surrounded by alcohol in his quest to stay clean, he’s fulfilling a commitment to Las Vegas’ 1Oak nightclub and appearing at their New Year’s Eve celebration. The Lord knows it going to be tough to resist booze while everyone around him is partying, but luckily his pal and fellow daddy Chris Brown, 26, has taught him a handy trick to avoid any temptation to drink, has EXCLUSIVELY learned!
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December 27th, 2015

Chris Brown & Scott Disick Bonding Over Staying Sober For Their Kids


Chris Brown and Scott Disick are putting family first. In an effort to be better fathers to their kids, the two have formed a tight friendship and encouraging each other to stay sober, a new report claims. Read on for all the details.

Chris Brown, 26, and Scott Disick, 32, have a new lease on life. They’re putting their hard partying ways behind them, and for the sake of their young children, the rapper and reality star are reportedly bonding with one another and vowing to stay sober.
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December 26th, 2015

Chris Brown Shows Off His Sexy Moves In Fabolous’ ‘She Wildin’ Music Video — Watch

Image Courtesy of YouTube

He’s still got the moves! Chris Brown dances up a storm with Fabolous in his ‘She Wildin” music video and parties like it’s 1994! Click to WATCH!

Everyone knows Chris Brown, 26, can dance. The singer is the center of attention in Fabolous’ “She Wildin’” music video. He hits the dance floor and proves he’s still the prince of dance. The music video is beyond hot!
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December 25th, 2015

Chris Brown Showers Royalty With Gifts For First Christmas Together — See Her New Car

Courtesy of Instagram

Chris Brown made sure his daughter Royalty had her best Christmas EVER by showering his little girl with amazing toys from Santa. You’ll never believe the gifts she had when the tot woke up on Christmas morning!

Chris Brown, 26, made sure his only child had her best Xmas of her life with an amazing array of presents that should keep her busy well into the new year. He included a red toy car for Royalty to get her styling on, as well as many gifts underneath the Christmas tree for her to rip open as she greets the holiday for the first time with her Daddy!
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December 23rd, 2015

Chris Brown & Rihanna: At First He Thought She Was His ‘Intruder’


A trespasser was arrested at Chris Brown’s house on Dec. 22, and while the thought is absolutely terrifying to us, the singer was hoping the intruder was Rihanna. Why? Well, has EXCLUSIVELY learned Chris would have ‘welcomed it with open arms.’

We had no idea Chris Brown was so kinky. The “Zero” singer was bombarded by an intruder at his house on Dec. 22. Thankfully, the person was arrested before anything dangerous happened, but if it were his ex, Rihanna, who had pulled this stunt, Chris would have been “turned on.” Find out why.
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December 23rd, 2015

Chris Brown Terror: Home Invaded Again — Was Royalty Inside?

Courtesy of Instagram

This is terrifying! Another trespasser made their way onto Chris Brown’s property on Dec. 22, and since he’s been spending so much time with his daughter, Royalty, these days, we’re absolutely petrified that she might’ve been inside when it went down.

A trespasser has been arrested at Chris Brown’s house. The singer was at home when a woman made her way through the gates and hung around the Woodland Hills home…but was his toddler, Royalty, also inside?! The thought is terrifying!
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December 22nd, 2015

Chris Brown Makes Adorable Ornament For Royalty For Their First Christmas Together

Courtesy of Instagram.

This is too cute, Chris Brown! The proud papa is so excited to be celebrating his first Christmas with his daughter Royalty that he decided to commemorate the occasion by making her her very own tree ornament! See his precious gift to Royalty here!

Chris Brown, 26 will be celebrating his first Christmas with his daughter Royalty, 1, on Dec. 25 and you better believe he’s doing everything in his power to make sure its a memorable one! In addition to getting her a huge tree that is sure to be filled with presents come Christmas morning, the proud father also commemorated the occasion by making his little princess her very own Christmas ornament and it’s beyond cute! Click here to see the pic!
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