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June 7th, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Hanna’s Missing From Season 7 Poster — Does She Die?

Image Courtesy of Freeform

OMG! Freeform just released the official key art for Season 7 of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and one person is noticeably missing — Ashley Benson! Does this mean Hanna ends up dying when the new season premieres on June 21? We’re literally freaking out!

Where the heck is Hanna?! Ashley Benson is noticeably missing from the official key art for Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, and that’s just crazy! We know she was kidnapped at the close of Season 6, but does this mean she’s going to die? If so, we’ll be so heartbroken.
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June 3rd, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Premiere Photos: Emily Confronts Rollins — About Alison?

Image Courtesy of Freeform

Season 7 of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is almost upon us! The premiere is still 18 days away, but Freeform just released new photos from the first episode back, and they’re full of spoilers! See the pics here!

Is Emily (Shay Mitchell) confronting Rollins (Huw Collins) about Alison (Sasha Pieterse)? Are Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) playing a game of “7 Minutes In Heaven,” or are they just hiding from someone? And is Spencer (Troian Bellisario) really meeting with Mary Drake (Andrea Parker)? These are the questions we have been asking ourselves after feasting our eyes on the NEW photos from the Season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars. See them below!
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May 23rd, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Boss Promises A Wedding — Will Ezria Tie The Knot?

Image Courtesy of Freeform

Someone’s getting married! EP Marlene King revealed that there will be a wedding in season 7 of ‘PLL,’ and now we NEED to know who is getting hitched! Will it be an Ezria wedding? Vote now!

Cue the theories! Marlene King surprised PLL fans on May 23 with a very romantic spoiler — someone is tying the knot! Given how season 6 ended, could Ezra and Aria end up getting married?
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May 18th, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’: First Look At Jenna’s Season 7 Return — Pic

Image Courtesy of Twitter

Look who’s back, back, back, back again… Jenna’s back, tell a friend. Or don’t if you want to avoid the drama.

Pretty Little Liars is changing things up for season seven — and that includes bringing back Jenna (played by Tammin Sursok) who actually hasn’t been on the show since season five. A lot has changed since we’ve seen her last (including the name of the network), so we can expect quite the drama. Luckily, one of the PLL writers just shared a sneak peek of her on set!
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May 16th, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Will Hanna Die? — Watch New Season 7 Trailer

Image Courtesy of Freeform

Okay, so I’m really worried about Hanna Marin. A new ‘Pretty Little Liars’ trailer for season 7 has just been released, and it’s INSANE. Is Hanna the one hanging from the church tower? Click to WATCH!

Will Hanna end up dead on Pretty Little Liars? She was kidnapped and taken to the church tower in the season 5 finale, and things aren’t looking so good for her in the premiere. There’s a blonde someone hanging from the church tower in this new preview — is it Hanna?!
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May 12th, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Trailer: Operation #SaveHanna & More Spoilers — Watch

Image Courtesy of Freeform

OMG! The official ‘Pretty Little Liars’ summer premiere trailer is finally here, and it’s absolutely EPIC. Click to watch!

Pretty Little Liars is returning June 21, and Season 7 looks like it’s going to be the WILDEST season yet! After watching the official summer premiere trailer, which dropped on May 12, over and over again, we’ve put together a list of the biggest moments. Warning — MAJOR spoilers ahead!
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April 28th, 2016

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads Like Shay Mitchell — Shop Her Remedy

Courtesy of Instagram

What can we say about Shay Mitchell — she’s stunning, an amazing actress and knows a thing or two about getting rid of unsightly little blackheads. Read on to find out the Canadian beauty’s secret to clean and radiant skin!

Shay Mitchell, 29, may be a Pretty Little Liar, but she’s telling us nothing but the truth when it comes to stopping blackheads in their tracks. We’re revealing all of her beauty remedies right here!
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April 27th, 2016

Lucy Hale’s Bold Brows: Shop 10 Eyebrow Pencils To Get The Look

Any makeup artist will tell you that the facial feature trending the most right now are eyebrows, and any beauty enthusiast will tell you that the celebrity with one of the best pair of brows is Lucy Hale. The 26-year-old Pretty Little Liars star recently posted a stunning black and white Instagram pic with a soft makeup look offset with a strong, bold brow. It was refreshing compared to the many sculpted, tweezed and over-plucked looks we see. To get her natural look, we’ve rounded up 10 eyebrow pencils for you to shop and try!

April 19th, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Brendan Robinson Stars In A New AXE Series — Check It Out

Courtesy of YouTube

‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Brendan Robinson looks like a major heartthrob in the new Axe video series and we cannot get enough! He is featured wearing a striking royal blue suit and he looks so handsome – check it out!

Brendan Robinson, 26, is stealing our heart due to his new feature with Axe! He recently debuted in a video series that went live on April 19, called “Shower Thoughts.” Now, despite what you may be thinking, no we don’t get to see Brendan washing up (whoa!), but he definitely makes up for it by looking like a stud in a bright blue, tailored suit! Take a look!
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April 14th, 2016

Shay Mitchell Teases Emily’s Love Life In ‘PLL’ Season 7 — Hope For Emison?

Image Courtesy of Freeform

Could Emily and Alison rekindle their romance in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7? Or will Emily get a new love interest? Shay Mitchell spilled scoop on Emily’s love life in an all-new interview!

Pretty Little Liars is going to be all about romance in season 7! Shay Mitchell revealed new scoop about Emily’s love life in the upcoming season, and we’re freaking out. Could season 7 be the season for Emison? Click to find out what Shay said!
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March 21st, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Huw Collins Teases Rollins’ Backstory & ‘Darkness’ To Come

Image Courtesy of Freeform

It was the twist no one saw coming. Rollins shocked us all when he revealed he’s working with Mary Drake, and talked to Huw Collins EXCLUSIVELY about what’s next for the bad guy!

Rollins has a lot of explaining to do after that epic Pretty Little Liars finale. Huw Collins spilled to EXCLUSIVELY about Rollins betraying Alison, his past with Mary Drake, his relationship with Charlotte and Rollins’ backstory! This is the PLL season 7 scoop you need to see!
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March 21st, 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Marlene King Reveals 4 Huge Season 7 Spoilers

Image Courtesy of Freeform

Season 6 of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ just ended, and Marlene King is already teasing season 7! The creator dropped 4 major spoilers about the upcoming season, and you’re going to freak out!

The upcoming season Pretty Little Liars is going to take epic to a whole new level. Following that jaw-dropping finaleMarlene King revealed 4 AMAZING spoilers about season 7 in a new teaser. From relationships to Uber A, these spoilers are going to blow you away.
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