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May 18th, 2016

2008 Olympics: 31 Athletes Re-Test Positive For Drugs — Banned From Competing In Rio?


The International Olympic Committee retested doping samples from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and shockingly discovered that 31 athletes used drugs to cheat! Will they be banned from the 2016 Rio games?

This is insane! In preparation for the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics, the International Olympic Committee, in conjunction with the World Anti-Doping Agency, took a second look at doping samples from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. What they found was deeply troubling. Out of 454 re-tested samples, 31 Olympians had cheated in the games by using drugs, the IOC announced on May 17! Click through to find out how this affects the Summer Olympics!
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January 28th, 2016

Zika: Will The Rio Olympics Be Cancelled Because Of The Virus

AP Images

Are the Rio Olympics in danger of being shut down? As the world continues to panic over the spread of the infectious Zika virus, health officials are now advising female spectators and athletes to stay away from the summer games at all costs. Get the scary new details below!

Things are not looking good for the 2016 Rio Olympics. With just six months to go until the start of the Opening Ceremony, health officials are now warning female spectators and even athletes to reconsider their plans amid the threat of a worldwide Zika outbreak. The Brazilian government has vowed to do everything in its power to stop the spread of the infectious virus ahead of the games, but will it be enough? Find out more below!  Click here to read more

January 26th, 2016

Olympics: Transgender Athletes Allowed To Compete Without Surgery — Historic Decision

Courtesy of The Olympics

Big changes are happening in the Olympics! The International Olympic Committee announced a monumental decision that is amazing news for transgender athletes: They can now compete without undergoing surgery! Get all the details here!

A barrier has been broken down for Olympic athletes who are transgender, thanks to one of the most historic guideline changes that the Games have seen in a long time. Members of the International Olympic Committee have officially decided that transgender athletes are allowed to compete without having sex reassignment surgery. There are a few specifics to the decision, but this is still a huge deal!
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January 23rd, 2016

Bill Johnson Dead: First US Skier To Win Olympic Downhill Gold Dies At 55

Courtesy of Youtube

So sad! It’s still January and already 2016 has brought us so many celebrity losses, and now we have yet another one with the passing of skier Bill Johnson, who brought the U.S. its first ever gold in the Olympic Downhill event, and after battling a long illness. He was only 55.

Add another famous name to the dark start of 2016, with the news that Olympic champion Bill Johnson has passed away. He paved the way for the American skiing program at a time when U.S. athletes were a non-factor in the sport. His thrilling downhill run at the 1984 Sarajevo winter games surpassed all others to bring home the gold medal for America. Click here to read more

January 15th, 2016

USA Men’s Gymnastics Team Shows Off Rock Hard Abs In Sexiest Selfie Ever — Hot Pic

Courtesy of Instagram

Okay, we are SO here for the USA men’s gymnastics team! The guys are training for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, and blessed us all by sharing an unreal selfie of a bunch of the team members shirtless on the beach. You HAVE to see this.

If you weren’t going to watch the 2016 Summer Olympics, you may decide to reconsider after seeing this! The USA men’s gymnastics team proved they might just be the hottest group of men of all time by posing for a shirtless selfie, and their abs are ON POINT. Check it out!
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March 30th, 2015

Michelle Obama Stuns In Off-Shoulder Bustier Dress: Too Sexy For FLOTUS?


We’ve never seen a FLOTUS dress like this before! Michelle Obama stirred things up in an off-shoulder all white dress at BET’s ‘Black Girls Rock’ event on March 28. Get the designer deets below.

Michelle Obama51, is known for her less than traditional fashion as the First Lady of the United States, but this sexy bustier dress is her most risqué choice yet! What do you think of her look? Click below to VOTE!
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January 25th, 2015

Ashley Wagner Sets Figure Skating Record To Win 3rd U.S. Title

Streeter Lecka/Entertainment/Getty Images

Way to go, Ashley Wagner! The Olympic figure skater easily nabbed her third U.S. title and set a new scoring record. Bow down.

Ashley Wagner, 23, is feeling pretty good right about now. She skated right over her competition at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Jan. 24 to claim her third U.S. title. She beat defending champion Gracie Gold by a whopping 15 points! Someone’s got their eyes on the Olympic prize!
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March 7th, 2014

Bob Costas: Botched Botox Caused His Olympic Pink Eye — Report

Courtesy Of NBC

The NBC sports anchor had to step away from his Winter Olympics hosting gig when he came down with a nasty case of pink eye. Could Botox be to blame?

When Bob Costas took six full days off from his duties as NBC’s primetime host of the Sochi Winter Games, we knew something was up, but are recent claims that Botox caused his pink eye valid? Or more importantly, can vanity cause conjunctivitis?
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February 27th, 2014

Tom Daley: Olympic Diver Bares His Butt In New Nude Shower Pic

Courtesy of Twitter

We knew the English Olympic diver looked good in water but we’ve never seen him quite like this before!

Turns out Tom Daley‘s butt is just as gold medal-worthy as his diving skills! Tom’s BFF Sophie Lee managed to snag a sexy pic of the 19-year-old Olympian and television personality in the shower — but apparently he wasn’t too pleased about it!
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February 24th, 2014

Nancy Kerrigan: Why She Wants To Move On From Tonya Harding Scandal


Nancy Kerrigan has finally spoken out about being brutally attacked by figure skating rival Tonya Harding’s ex-husbangs before the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Nancy Kerrigan finally broke her silence in NBC’s Feb. 23 documentary Nancy & Tonya and revealed exactly what she thinks about what she calls the “bizarre craziness” that went down in 1994. In case you need a refresher, Nancy was assaulted with a metal rod by Tonya Harding‘s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, before the 1994 Olympic Winter Games. It was labeled as the “whack heard round the world” and no has been able to stop talking about it since. Click here to read more

February 23rd, 2014

Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony: See All The Pics From Sochi


After an amazing 16 days, the Sochi Games came to an end on Feb. 23 and Russia celebrated the Olympic success with an incredible closing ceremony. Read on to see all the magical pics!

Russia said goodbye to the XXII Winter Olympics on Feb. 23 with a closing ceremony that was as impressive as the opening ceremony from Feb. 7. And with a surprising sense of humor, the Olympic event was a captivating, beautiful way to end the Sochi Games.
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February 23rd, 2014

Canada Wins Gold In Men’s Hockey: Nina Dobrev & More Stars Celebrate

After Team Canada ran through Team Sweden 3-0 to claim gold at the Sochi Games on Feb. 23, a handful of stars from the North American country took to Twitter to celebrate their native land’s huge hockey win.

With Canada facing off against Sweden on Feb. 23 during the 2014 Winter Olympics, Canadian-born stars like Nina Dobrev hit Twitter with a ton of national pride. And after Team Canada dominated the Swedes on their way to a 3-0 victory, the social media site really blew up with a Northern celebration!

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