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September 2nd, 2015

Rihanna Releasing A Makeup Line? See What She Said About ‘Fenty Beauty’


Is Fenty Beauty coming soon? When asked about her own makeup line, Rihanna said it’s definitely in the works! See what products she wants to invent (self-applying lashes, anyone?) below!

Rihanna, 27, has officially confirmed she is coming out with her very own beauty line! The singer admitted she trademarked “Fenty Beauty” at a NYC appearance promoting her new fragrance RiRi. See exactly what she said about the line here!
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September 1st, 2015

Rihanna’s Super Curly High Hairstyle At Perfume Launch In NYC


Rihanna went full-on 80s while promoting her new perfume, RiRi by Rihanna, in Brooklyn, NY on Aug. 31. Her hair was larger than life and we can’t get over her glam curls.

Rihanna, 27, isn’t just a music icon — she’s a style star! The “B*tch Better Have My Money” singer proved that again when she showed up at Macy’s in NYC to present her new perfume to fans. She wore her dark hair in huge curls on top of her head, perfectly coordinating with the playful vibe of the perfume (and she wore pink to match the bottle)! We love that Ri let her hair’s natural texture shine through.
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August 31st, 2015

Lewis Hamilton & Rihanna Dating? He Reveals Their Relationship Status

Image Courtesy of E!/Getty images

There’s no denying it — Rihanna and Lewis Hamilton make an insanely hot couple! But are they actually dating? The Formula One driver has finally spoken out about their rumored relationship and his answer may surprise you!

Rihanna, 27, and Lewis Hamilton30, have kept the world guessing with their flirty behavior this summer, but it now looks as if we might finally get to the truth. After months of partying together everywhere from NYC to Barbados, we are dying to know if they are hooking up or just best pals. has the scoop!
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August 28th, 2015

Rihanna & Chris Brown: She Offers To Babysit Royalty During Birth Certificate Dad Drama

Getty and Courtesy of Instagram

Rihanna to the rescue! After hearing Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty might be in danger from her birth certificate fugitive ‘father’, RiRi’s offering to babysit the 1-year-old while Breezy tours. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details!

They might not be an item anymore but Rihanna, 27, and Chris Brown, 26, are certainly connected. After hearing that the Houston police is looking for the baby’s birth certificate dad, Rihanna fears for Royalty‘s safety and has told Chris she’s willing to take care of her while he’s on tour!
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August 28th, 2015

Chris Brown Wishes He Was Still In An ‘Us’ — Missing Rihanna Or Karrueche Tran?


Aww, poor Breezy. Chris Brown tweeted about someone he was missing badly. Though Chris didn’t say whom the message was about, he wished there was ‘still an ‘us,” leading fans to think his tweet was meant for either Karrueche Tran or Rihanna.

It looks like Chris Brown, 26, is feeling lonesome. The “Loyal” singer is known for sharing his personal feelings on social media, and he did so again with an emotional and slightly cryptic Twitter post. When Chris said he didn’t “know who you are anymore,” was he sending a message to Karrueche Tran, 27, or even possibly to Rihanna, 27?
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August 28th, 2015

Rihanna Thinks Nia Guzman’s Wrong: Royalty Won’t Be Scared Of Chris Brown’s Tattoos

Courtesy of Instagram

Nia Guzman doesn’t quite approve of the tattoos on the back of Chris Brown’s head. Mainly because she thinks they’ll scare Royalty. However, an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY that Rihanna thinks Nia is wrong for assuming Royalty will be scared of the tats!

Chris Brown, 26, does whatever he pleases and Nia Guzman, 31, wasn’t fond of his latest decision to get two tattoos on the back of his head. Royalty‘s, 1, mom thinks the tattoos will freak the adorable toddler out, but Rihanna, 27, thinks otherwise. An insider revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that Rihanna thinks Royalty will be just fine!
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August 27th, 2015

Rihanna Loves Chris Brown’s Head Tattoos: Thinks They’re ‘Edgy & Sexy’

Getty Images/Instagram

There’s at least one woman in Chris Brown’s life who loves his new tattoos! Rihanna is totally diggin’ what Chris has done to his body, according to our EXCLUSIVE source, and she’s hoping to see more!

Add this piece to the puzzle that’s the relationship between Rihanna, 28, and Chris Brown, 26! Though Chris is been getting a hard time since tattooing his head, Rihanna totally supports his decision to get inked; in fact, she completely loves it!
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August 25th, 2015

Chris Brown & Rihanna: Tyga Wants Him To Stop Random Hookups & Settle Down


Tyga has some advice for his buddy Chris Brown! With rumors swirling that Chris and Rihanna are back together, Tyga wants to make sure he has his head on straight this time — meaning no more messing around. has the EXCLUSIVE details!

Things are reportedly heating up again for Chris Brown, 26, and his former flame Rihanna, 27, which has some people concerned. One of these people is Chris’ close friend Tyga! Since Tyga, 25, has found himself the girl of his dreams in Kylie Jenner, he’s hoping for Chris to find the same. If that’s Rihanna, he’s okay with it, but wants to make sure Chris is totally serious about it this time!
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August 25th, 2015

Tyga & Kylie Jenner: They Want To Double Date With Chris Brown & Rihanna


Tyga’s madly in love with Kylie Jenner and he wants Chris Brown to feel that way, too. has the EXCLUSIVE on Tyga’s plan to get Breezy back with Rihanna and how it involves a double date with him and Kylie!

The romance between Kylie Jenner, 18, and Tyga, 25, is going strong, but Tyga’s boy, Chris Brown, 26, has been single ever since Karreuche Tran, 27, dumped him! Aww. Tyga wants Breezy to feel the same way he feels with Kylie. has EXCLUSIVELY learned Tyga thinks Chris will only find true love with his ex, Rihanna, 27, and he wants to help make that happen.
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August 24th, 2015

Rihanna & Chris Brown Getting Back Together? Kanye West Advising Her Not To Do It

Credit: Getty Images

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown rekindling their past relationship? If they are, Kanye West is NOT happy about it. An insider EXCLUSIVELY tells that the rapper is against Rihanna getting back together with her ex and why she should avoid going back to Chris.

Kanye West, 38, is just looking out for Rihanna, 27! The singer is slowly reviving her past relationship with ex Chris Brown, 26, and Kanye doesn’t think that’s a great idea. In fact, a source EXCLUSIVELY tells that the rapper is telling Rihanna she’d be a ‘fool’ if she let him back into her life.
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August 24th, 2015

Rihanna’s Affectionate Nickname For Chris Brown Revealed

Getty Images

How sweet! Chris Brown goes by ‘CB’ and ‘Breezy’ but his ex, Rihanna, has given him a new nickname. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on what RiRi calls Breezy and why it’ll always remind him of his daughter, Royalty.

Chris Brown, 26, has many names to go along with his many talents. Fans can call him CB or Breezy, but the “Ayo” singer has a new moniker, thanks to Rihanna, 27. has the EXCLUSIVE on RiRi’s pet name for Chris and how it’s all because of his baby girl, Royalty!
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August 23rd, 2015

Rihanna Wants To ‘Tuck’ In Chris Brown & Royalty At Night — Sweet Texts Revealed

Courtesy of Instagram

Rihanna is enamored with Royalty and how deeply Chris Brown cares for his daughter. has EXCLUSIVELY learned that RiRi has been texting Chris all about Royalty, saying that she wants nothing more than to tuck both of them in at night! Find out the sweet details.

If there’s one thing that has reunited exes Chris Brown26, and Rihanna, 27, it’s Chris’ daughter Royalty, 1. Now that Chris and Rihanna’s friendship is in a good place, Breezy loves telling her all about Royalty — and RiRi can’t get enough of hearing about their special father-daughter bond! The exes have been having sweet text convos about Royalty, which can EXCLUSIVELY reveal!
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