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January 7th, 2014

Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Lil Wayne’s Baby? — Report


Crazy news! On Jan. 7, reports surfaced that Nicki Minaj might be pregnant — with Lil Wayne’s baby! Check out the evidence below.

Nicki Minaj, 31, is reportedly pregnant — with Lil Wayne‘s baby! Sources close to Nicki tell Atlanta Daily World that some “highly unusual” behavior from the Pink Friday singer led them to believe that she is in fact pregnant.
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January 7th, 2014

Lil Wayne Dead — Again? Yet Another Death Rumor Hits Twitter


Lil Wayne seems to die at least every other day at this point, so it’s no surprise that yet another rumor about the rapper’s demise hit Twitter on Jan. 7.

Poor Lil Wayne. Let’s hope the 31-year-old rapper doesn’t have a Google alert set for his name, because if he does, he’s probably been pretty busy reading up on his own demise on a daily basis. On Jan. 7, the Twitter population began to fret that Lil Wayne had died, less than two weeks after the last time they all thought that Lil Wayne had died.
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December 27th, 2013

Lil’ Wayne Dead? New Death Hoax Hits Twitter


Another day, another death hoax for Lil’ Wayne. The singer apparently overdosed on PHP, claimed some Twitter followers — except they were linking to another hoax from 2011.

There must be something about Lil’ Wayne that makes him so prone to the death hoaxes. Twitter and Facebook alike went crazy on Dec. 27, thinking that the rapper had died.
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October 24th, 2013

Lil Wayne, Elizabeth Banks & More: Stars Tweet About The World Series


The 2013 World Series kicked off on Oct. 23 with the Boston Red Sox ripping the St. Louis Cardinals to shreds, 8-1. But even though it wasn’t a game for the ages, stars like Weezy and Elizabeth were tweeting and cheering on their favorite teams before, during, and after it.

The World Series — the Fall Classic — is finally here, and game one in the series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals went into the books on Oct. 23. The big face-off had celebrities everywhere rushing to Twitter to cheer, complain, and of course crack jokes. Though with the Sox winning in an 8-1 blowout, one fan base was more vocal than the other.
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August 31st, 2013

Lil Wayne Pushes Back Release Date Of ‘Dedication 5’ Mixtape

Courtesy of Twitter

Sorry Weezy fans! The iconic rapper was expected to drop his latest much-anticipated mixtape on Aug. 30, only to hold off to add more songs and ‘finishing touches’ to it. So when can we expect ‘D5’?

Lil Wayne does things at his own speed — Tha Carter IV for example, was released almost four months after its original release date — so fans had a right to be suspicious that his latest mixtape, Dedication 5, would actually drop on Aug. 30 at 5 p.m. ET as scheduled. And their suspicions were confirmed!
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May 5th, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Wins After Being Escorted By Lil Wayne


Floyd breezed by Robert Guerrero in the welterweight title match on May 4. Perhaps his confidence was at all-time high due to a show-stopping intro by Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne made sure that the whole crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 4 knew that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was not nervous about his bout with Robert Guerrero. As the 36-year-old boxer made his way to the ring, Weezy was by his side singing his song “No Worries.” How’s that for intimidation!
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May 2nd, 2013

Lil Wayne Reveals He Is Engaged On ‘The Show With Vinny’

Courtesy MTV/SplashNews

Is Lil Wayne engaged to his girlfriend Dhea Sodana? In the new commercial for ‘The Show With Vinny,’ Lil Wayne refers to Dhea as his fianceé — has he got something to tell the world?

Ladies start weeping — Lil Wayne is off the market! In a commercial for Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino‘s new show The Show With Vinny, the rap star talks about his “fiancée.” Did he get engaged to love term girlfriend Dhea Sodano?
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May 1st, 2013

Lil Wayne Was Scared By Life Threatening Seizures: He’s Changed

FameFlynet, Courtesy of Cedars Hospital

Lil Wayne has changed his ways after being hospitalized for seizures, most recently on April 30, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned the real reasons behind his latest episode. Read on for all the details!

After suffering another life threatening seizure on April 30, which landed Lil Wayne back in the hospital, the 30-year-old rapper has decided to change his partying ways.
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May 1st, 2013

Lil Wayne Hospitalized For A Seizure Again — New Report

PacificCoastNews, Courtesy Photo

Lil Wayne was reportedly rushed to Cedars-Sinai on April 30 by his bodyguards, after the rapper had a seizure. But good news, he has been released from the hospital.

Lil Wayne was back in the hospital on April 30, just one month after spending a week in the hospital for having seizures. TMZ is reporting that the 30-year-old was treated and released from Cedars-Sinai Hospital for having a single seizure.
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March 22nd, 2013

Lil Wayne First Video Since Seizures: ‘I’m More Than Good’


Lil Wayne made his first appearance since being released from the hospital, making a video message directed to all his caring fans. Seems like he’s made a full recovery — click on to watch the video!

Lil Wayne is back! In a homemade video message for his fans, Weezy was energetic and made us forget that his brush with death happened just one week ago.
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March 19th, 2013

Nicki Minaj Tells Lil Wayne She Loves Him After Hospital Release


Lil Wayne’s going home to a lot of support from his A-List Hollywood friends, including Nicki Minaj who tells him she ‘loves him.’ Keep reading for all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Now that Lil Wayne has been released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Mar. 18, he’s coming home to the comfort of his A-List Hollywood besties, including Nicki Minaj who told Weezy she “loves him” following his release, is exclusively reporting.
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March 18th, 2013

Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber Over Lil Twist: Feared Bad Influence

Courtesy Twitter, FameFlyNet

Lil Wayne’s dangerous seizures reinforced Selena’s concerns that Justin is keeping the wrong company by hanging out with Lil Twist — Lil Wayne’s protege.

Selena Gomez and her gal pal Vanessa Hudgens voiced their concerns over the hospitalization of Lil Wayne, and we have shocking new EXCLUSIVE details as to why Selena was so worried . We’ve learned that a major factor in her decision to split from boyfriend Justin Bieber ,19, was because of his friendship with Lil Twist, 20,who is Lil Wayne‘s protege. Is Selena afraid that Justin will end up partying way too hard? Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.
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