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May 30th, 2014

Jenna Ushkowitz & Michael Trevino Split After 3 Years, She Confirms

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Entertainment/Getty

When Jenna headed to ‘The Normal Heart’ premiere in Beverly Hills on May 19, she was signing autographs for ‘Glee’ fans and she dropped a bomb — she and ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Michael Trevino aren’t a couple anymore!

Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz and The Vampire Diaries hottest werewolf, Michael Trevino have called it quits after dating for three years. However, they didn’t release statements — the 28-year-old actress told a fan who asked at a red carpet!
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May 27th, 2014

Naya Rivera’s Super Bouncy Hair — Get Her Amazing Volume

Courtesy of Instagram

Naya Rivera’s hair looks amazingly bouncy and full in this adorable Instagram pup pic she posted. The ‘Glee’ star is known for playing the less-than-sweet Santana, but in this photo we see that Naya is no Santana. The star looks extra sweet with her little dog and luscious locks, once again making us all want her look. Lucky for you we have the secret to her full, bouncy hair.

The 27-year-old actress shows her soft girl-next-door side in this Instagram pic she posted on May 21. Naya Rivera wished us all a good morning from her and her dog in a sweet pic that showcases the stars bouncy and full hair. Even with rumors floating around that the star ‘s Glee days may be coming to an end, her amazing look proves that she will continue to be someone to watch both on and off the red carpet. For your own Naya inspired head-turning look, keep reading.
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May 23rd, 2014

John Mayer: Is He Desperately Trying To Hook Up With Lea Michele?

John Mayer is not shy at all, when it comes to pursuing the ladies and Lea Michele, 27, is his next target! The singer, 36, has been texting Lea nonstop, a new report clams.Will the rocker show Lea her body is a wonderland?

John Mayer is reportedly lusting over the young actress like a piranha and is ready to act on it.  Though he doesn’t have the best reputation with women and Lea Michele is a smart girl, it doesn’t look like that will deter the singer at all!
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May 21st, 2014

Lea Michele’s Super Shiny Hair & Nude Lips In NYC


Lea Michele was all smiles as she left her NYC hotel on May 20. Sporting beautifully sleek hair and nude lips, the actress showed everyone that her shocking revelation about her dating past with Glee co-star Matthew Morrison is not the only thing that should make us stop and take notice. Keep reading to find out how you can get Lea’s lovely look.

The 27-year-old songstress was spotted outside of an NYC hotel on May 20 on the way to a book signing. Lea Michele turned heads with the shocking revelation of her dating history with fellow Glee star Matthew Morrison, but as she left her hotel she was turning heads for a completely different reason. To find out how you can nab her shiny hair, keep reading below.
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May 16th, 2014

‘Glee': Did Ryan Murphy Fire Naya Rivera? — The Truth Revealed

Courtesy of Fox/Oxygen

Rumors have been swirling that Naya Rivera was kicked off of ‘Glee’, but what’s the truth? Now that the season finale has aired, and Naya was written out of the episode, we’ve got the scoop on Santana’s fate on the future of the show!

Naya Rivera was not in Glee‘s Season 5 finale, but will she back for Season 6? FOX confirmed that the show won’t return until 2015, but has the EXCLUSIVE details now. Keep reading to find out if Ryan Murphy fired Naya!
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May 13th, 2014

‘Glee’ Finale Recap: Rachel Discovers Her True ‘Dream’ Isn’t In NYC

Courtesy of Fox

Sam stripped down (and we didn’t mind), Rachel opened up, and Blaine got caught right in the middle of his lie to Kurt. Talk about a finale!

Season five of Glee wrapped on May 13th, but the script is no where near finished. With Rachel (Lea Michele) unsure about where she wanted her future to go, she hoped a visit from quirky writer Mary Halloran (Kristen Schaal) would make that easier. However, she didn’t expect it to become even more difficult. Click here to read more

May 13th, 2014

‘Glee': Jane Lynch Teases Final Season — Will Naya Rivera Return?

Courtesy of FOX

‘Glee’ wraps up its fifth season tonight, and we all know that Naya Rivera will not be in the big episode, as she was written out of the finale! But will she return to the new season?

Santana (Naya Rivera) will not be featured in Glee‘s May 13 finale, and either will Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)! caught up with Jane who gave us the scoop on the upcoming sixth season, which doesn’t return until 2015 — are Naya, Lea Michele and Jane coming back? Keep reading for exclusive details!
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May 6th, 2014

‘Glee’ Recap: Rachel Faces The Backlash Of Sneaking Around

Courtesy of Fox

After Rachel’s director caught her skipping a night of ‘Funny Girl’ to audition for a TV show, she wasn’t only in hot water with him — the word was leaked to the press.

We never thought we’d see Santana (Naya Rivera) coming to Rachel (Lea Michele)’s rescue so much! When bad press began to circulate about Rachel, she realized that she’s going to need a publicist — cue her friend with no job!
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May 5th, 2014

Was Naya Rivera Fired From ‘Glee’? — The Truth Revealed

Courtesy of FOX

Naya Rivera has been suffering a rough patch lately. Her engagement to Big Sean was called off, then rumors erupted surrounding an on-set fight with costar Lea Michele and finally, she was kicked off of the ‘Glee’ season finale! Is Naya fired for good?

Naya Rivera has had her fair share of troubles on and off camera, but it looks like the star is finally running into some good news — Naya might return to Glee for Season 6! Keep reading to find out if Naya is really fired from the hit show!
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April 30th, 2014

Naya Rivera: Will She Return To ‘Glee’ Next Season After Being Kicked Off?

Courtesy of Fox

Naya’s attitude reportedly got her the boot from the last two episodes of this season of ‘Glee,’ but is there hope for next season? A source tells EXCLUSIVELY what will need to happen if Santana ever wants to show her face on the Fox hit show again.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Naya Rivera. After breaking off her engagement with Big Sean on April 9, the actress was then reportedly kicked off the fifth season of Glee, which she’s starred in since 2009. But interestingly enough, a source tells exclusively that there’s a way back for Naya — just because she’s been written off this season doesn’t mean she’s burned those bridges for good.
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April 29th, 2014

‘Glee’ Recap: Rachel Puts Entire Broadway Career At Risk

Courtesy of CW

Nothing could stand in Rachel Berry’s way to get to Broadway before she was on the big stay. However, now that she’s already there, it’s no longer enough.

While Rachel (Lea Michele) struggled to figure out where her future was heading, Blaine (Darren Criss) received amazing advice about his future from socialite June Holloway (Shirley MacLaine). Unfortunately, Rachel’s choice threatened her chance at being successful on Broadway, and Blaine’s threatened his relationship with Kurt (Chris Colfer).
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April 29th, 2014

Naya Rivera Kicked Off Of ‘Glee’ For Being A Diva On Set — Report

Courtesy of Fox

Naya Rivera is not having the best of luck lately. First, her engagement to Big Sean was called off, then rumors swirled about on-set fights with ‘Glee’ costar Lea Michele, and now, Naya has been written off the season finale!

Naya Rivera‘s return to Season 6 of Glee has already been up for speculation, but being booted out of the Season 5 finale? That’s gotta hurt! Sources report that Naya’s character Santana has been written out of the big finale because she’s being a huge diva on set!
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